My 6 favorite WildStar pets


Without trying very hard at all I’ve been amassing quite the stable of companion pets in WildStar. And if you know anything about me, you’ll know that a pet-laden Syp is a blissfully happy Syp.

Today I wanted to share my six favorite little buddies out of my collection!

(1) Anniverserowsdower

Even though everyone who was subscribed back in May got this pet, he’s so awesome that I can’t resist fawning all over him. C’mon, he’s got a giant lollipop on his nose! And a little hat! And he doesn’t really care about parties but the party came to him anyway.

(2) Deputy Lopp

I got this guy back when he was a reward for a specific challenge in Malgrave. As a big fan of the Lopp, it’s ten kinds of great to have one bounding alongside of me. Plus, he’s not just any old Lopp — he’s a cowboy Lopp! Well, vaguely Mexican-cowboyish Lopp. I love him dearly.


(3) L’il Beast

Sometimes you just want a dog, and L’il Beast fills that role perfectly. I got him from the cosmic reward track, I think, and I really dig his superhero mask and puppyish animations.

(4) Pell Probebot

This sucker dropped in Stormtalon last week and I gleefully won the roll for him. As an engineer, I look great having one extra (tiny) bot wandering around with me. Look at that big eye and tell me that you don’t have a soft spot in your heart for this pile of metal!


(5) Disco Snoglug

This guy was a thank-you gift from Carbine for having been subbed, and my only regret with him is that I can’t have him and the Anniverserowsdower out at the same time for the ultimate party group. He’s chock full of animations — and c’mon, who wouldn’t want a traveling disco ball with them?

(6) Shadeling

One of my main goals with the recent Shade’s Eve was to save up and buy this pet, which was done sooner rather than later. I love the shadelings that the devs cooked up for Quiet Downs and I’m glad I can take a piece of that around with me. He has a cool summoning animation with little spirits and I’m guessing he’s big into snuggling on crisp autumn evenings.


One thought on “My 6 favorite WildStar pets

  1. Llokki November 13, 2015 / 6:49 am

    Love that deputy lopp. I wonder if he’s still obtainable…

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