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Marvel Heroes: Spider-Gwen to the rescue!

I haven’t done a lot with Spider-Man in Marvel Heroes, mostly because I was waiting on Spider-Gwen’s enhanced outfit to hit the stores. Enhanced costumes are sort of overlays for existing classes that change the look, gender, and/or voices for that hero but retain the same skills and abilities. I think it’s one of the coolest ideas that Gazillion has come up with, and they’re obviously a bit of a cash cow as well.

I don’t know much about Spider-Gwen other than she’s a new, alternate-universe version of Spider-Man and that I kind of dig her costume. Hey, not everyone makes turquoise work.

So I switched over to her on Monday night, brought along Franken-Castle for a team-up, and had Spider-Ham there for pet commentary. We were quite the crew blasting through Midtown Monday.

Thus far she’s not amazing (nor spectacular) but she is easy and somewhat satisfying to play. Since I don’t especially like melee in this game, I’m going with web-slinging for her primary combat abilities. Basically she’s a stationary turret flinging out webs like a weird silk machine gun.

What I really, really like about Spider-Gwen is her web travel animation. It’s smooth and she does all of these aerobics in the air which looks so much cooler than straight up flight or quick tuck-n-rolls.

With more characters at 60 and lots of boosters and the Midtown thing going on, Spider-Gwen shot up from level 8 to 24 within 30 minutes or so. It’s a good start, although she might have to take a backseat when Magik arrives on the scene.

One thought on “Marvel Heroes: Spider-Gwen to the rescue!

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about Magik, but I’ve watched the TC power previews on YouTube and read up on the commentary on the forums and she’s sounding (and looking) really cool. Maybe even cool enough for my Rocket Raccoon to start sharing his summoner gear! O_O

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