Fallout 4: Finding the humor in the apocalypse


Won’t you take a bio break in the wasteland? No flushing water, but you can’t beat that scenery!

One of the criticisms I’ve seen levied at Bethesda for its Fallout titles is that this studio is a lot less… jocular when it comes to the setting. Interplay definitely had an impish spirit about the first two Fallout titles, utilizing black and surreal humor to great effect. It’s definitely something I’ve been looking for in Fallout 4 — and, to Bethesda’s credit, finding from time to time. I’m not sure how well the jokes (quality/quantity) compare so far, but at least I’ve been amused from time to time.


I’m still not that far in — I’m really taking my time and being thorough — so I’m relatively close to the start. That said, the most bizarre thing I’ve seen thus far is a little hippie commune that was apparently established to free robots from their human masters. Before the bombs dropped, the commune managed to reprogram all of one bot (Professor Goodfeels, or somesuch), who is now the sole non-enemy resident of the camp. He just goes around spouting off groovy nonsense while his former saviors have been turned into feral ghouls. Don’t worry, I rescued them all with my big pipe wrench.

I’ll say that nervous Travis’ patter is the real reason I stay tuned to Diamond City Radio in the game. At this point I know pretty much all 20 or so songs by heart (“crawl OUT through the fallOUT!” “urANIUM fever!”), but hearing that weird guy talk to me through the radio provides a humorous touch to my explorations, especially when he gets all literal-like.


Here’s a tip: When you see a cymbal monkey like this with glowing red eyes, don’t be like me trying to get a good screenshot. Run. Run for your life. Trust me.


One thought on “Fallout 4: Finding the humor in the apocalypse

  1. ScytheNoire (@ScytheNoire) November 20, 2015 / 4:47 pm

    The “Free The Robots” camp does have another person there, although if you haven’t done that part of the Railroad faction quest, then perhaps he doesn’t appear. His name is Caretaker (or something like that) and will give a quest for that faction.

    The cymbal monkeys are a homage to Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew book. And they are creepy. And painful.

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