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Retro Gaming: Master of Magic part 8


(This is part of my journey going checking out Master of Magic. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Hey guys, guess who’s severely neglected his navy and is now paying for it with the most one-sided battle of all-time?

And now we return your regularly scheduled retro game playthrough.

At this point, exploring the world is getting old and I’m losing my desire to expand my lands. I have three continents under my finger, why can’t I be content with that? And so I shall be.


Syp: Making friends and bridging cultures since… never, I guess. At least I get to make a cheesy Star Trek II: The Wrath of Rjak joke here.

As an aside, those little gargoyles holding up the magic mirror need their own game or TV show or something. They’re adorable.


Freya thinks she can let some of her troops wander around my land without worry. She was wrong. I sic a newly summoned basalisk on her soldiers’ butts, and they die screaming in pixelated agony. I guess the basalisk is like the fantasy equivalent of a tank? Except that it poops?


Since the enemy navies are taking out my few ships, I’m losing my “bridge” between continents to ferry my armies. Since I’m lazy, instead of building more ships I move my summoning circle to FilthyCasual to see if I can help out the second continent boost up its defenses.


Well this ain’t good. According to the power graph, I’m third out of four factions — and Rjak is far outstripping me. (I’m blue, he’s purple.) The only thing I’m winning at is research.


Anything I should be doing for this? Quarantine? Oh… just sit and bear it? I’m good at that.


For kicks, I take my basalisk army over to a death knight tower to see how I’ll fare. Actually, it’s not too bad — I do lose one of my basalisks, but that’s it, and we emerge with a new spell, more gold, and a magic sword. Excalibur! Or whatever!

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