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So Fallout 4 managed to scare the crap out of me finally

I wouldn’t say that Fallout 4 is a scary game, as a whole, although I have no doubt that the devs tried to go for horror pieces here and there. But the biggest true scare of the game for me so far had nothing to do with vampires or carefully placed skeletons.

I’ve been meticulously revealing the map and the other night went to a small park on a hill. There were a couple of cabins and a faded sign that warned me about feeding the bears. I got a little chuckle out of this…

…and turned to see a mammoth bear charging right at me at 30 miles per hour. It plowed into me as I yelped and shot back from my desk, after which I scooted up and tried to recover while this thing was batting me around like a play toy.

It was, for a second, truly terrifying. It blurred the lines between games and reality and had my instincts thinking that there was an actual angry bear running right for me.

Taking the bear and his pesky partner down was quite tricky — these things can withstand a lot of punishment and most of my guns aren’t too strong. I ended up using my laser musket and a healthy dose of VATS in the head to do the deed.

Bears. Because they actually are this scary in real life and should be treated as such in all video games.

5 thoughts on “So Fallout 4 managed to scare the crap out of me finally

  1. I’ve been startled more than once by feral ghouls dropping on my head through holes in the ceiling or running at me from under cars.

    There are two locations that have potential for scares – the asylum and the witchcraft museum – but I have yet to go inside.

  2. What’s scared me, both in Fallout 3 & 4, are ghouls while indoors. They are even creepier in Fallout 4, crawling out of holes in the walls, and rising up from what I thought were dead corpses. I’m also using a few mods that remove the false lighting, along with darker knight and pipboy shadows, creating a dark, far more atmospheric game that forces you to use the light on the pipboy and makes the game many times creepier. I highly recommend the modding.

  3. biggest scare was getting to the end of a corridor while exploring an underground bunker and had a deathclaw then jump down form the roof immediate terror filled run, then drugs, then spray and pray

    I also get scared every time those ghouls do that leap at you

  4. Yeah, I have to admit feral ghouls just seemed like a slightly different version of raiders in 3 and NV but the ones in 4 have freaked me out every time I’m bumped into them. And my first encounter with a Glowing One in this game ended in me cussing and walking away from the PC. I finally got him by staying one floor above and dropping a half dozen grenades though a hole in the floor on top of him!
    So far haven’t seen any bears yet but I’ll be on the lookout!

  5. Agree with the ghouls. Although last night I had great fun running them into a Raider party and turret. Did all the hard work for me.

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