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Retro Gaming: Master of Magic part 9


(This is part of my journey going checking out Master of Magic. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Perhaps I’ve been playing too conservatively, for now I am on the receiving end of a multi-pronged invasion of enemy troops. The only question is if my standing army and my defensive militia can hold them off — or if I’ll collapse entirely.


Granted, the enemy AI is as dumb as a post and sends one lady on a horse and four teeny tiny floating spirits against my main army. Freya throws a couple of lightning bolts and flees for her life. Basalisk power!


Constantly being notified about what city is building what and having to choose a new project gets tiring, which is when one turns to the option to give the go-ahead to the Grand Vizier to automatically handle that. Let’s just hope that he/she/it doesn’t run my empire into the ground by building Starbucks franchises instead of defensive fortifications.


I preemptively fling a basalisk at Kali’s invading army. Kali throws a lot of spells on him while I counter with an iron skin enchantment. The basalisk gets overrun in the end but still manages to take out a few units. Time for more war bears!


OK, I get quite enough of this from my kids at home as it is, I shouldn’t have to take it from you too. And how unfair is it that Master of Magic doesn’t let you select responses or fling taunts back at your foes?


Round 2 of the Kali vs. Syp title bout. Kali casts counter magic right away, which takes away my ability to cast any spells, and then bombards my lines with magic. Most of my troops are wiped out in the initial moments, but my hero and war bears live on. Once my bears reach the enemy line, they maul the invading army to shreds.


So I found out that there’s one thing the Grand Vizier really likes to make, and that is a crapton of ships. I have ships pouring out of every city that can make them, and meanwhile I’m going, no! No more! I don’t use them at all!

Hm. Maybe I can make a parade.


One of my cities is allowed to create a fantastic stables, where I’m able to train flying griffins. I still haven’t figured out why some cities in this game are allowed to build certain structures while others reach the end of their building tree and can’t. Maybe it’s a population barrier. Anyway, yay, I have griffins.

And that’s where I’ll be stopping my journey through this game. The enemy is merely tooling around my lands without doing anything serious — and fleeing constantly at the first sign of combat. I’ve satisfied my curiosity and lost my interest for the time being, so that’s usually a good sign that it’s time to move on. Decent if somewhat befuddling little game that still has some retro pixel art charm to it.

4 thoughts on “Retro Gaming: Master of Magic part 9

  1. GOG had it on sale a couple weeks ago for a buck fifty so I went ahead and picked it up. Loved it back in it’s day but gee it’s tedious now. I hate moving units manually to explore the world. Sometimes it’s fun to go back and re-experience the things you enjoyed as a youth but I think the definition of nostalgia is remembering the good stuff and forgetting the rotten things…

  2. I love the fact that these two sentences are so close to each other:
    “the enemy AI is as dumb as a post” and “give the go-ahead to the Grand Vizier to automatically handle that.”
    I think rule number one in these older games is never give the AI control over anything. 🙂
    Overall I enjoyed this play through. I never got to experience it myself back in the day, but it looks like it would have been right up my alley.

  3. Well part of the purpose of this series is seeing how games age and if they’re still enjoyable today. You really never know — not all old games are useless, and not all old classics are still wonderful.

  4. What buildings are available to build depends on buildings already present and city’s race. I.e. each race has its own building tree.

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