RIFT: My dream team


Last night saw my grand return to RIFT after many months of absence. It’s been in the works for a while, too, as I’ve had this desire to set up a new character that would only run instant adventures and dungeons as a more casual alternative to questing.

So with the little baby finally — finally — going to sleep (respect game time, son!), I logged on and created Crickety, a quirky mage who’s as much into necromancy as she is into hideous fashion. The wardrobe looks like it got another upgrade since I saw it last, and I really appreciated how it had all of my previous purchases and acquisitions sitting there in the window.

Of course, before I could enjoy running around and showing off my ugly sweater and oven mitts to the world, I had to contend with the avalanche of starter gifts that I’ve somehow accumulated on this account. I don’t know what made RIFT this special, but it is by far the biggest MMO in terms of flooding me with stuff when I roll a new character. I think I had 27 packages in the store and about 20 mail items on top of that — pets, costumes, housing items, boosts, mounts, and the like. I also had my minions to tend to. All in all, it took about a half-hour to get fully set up so I could get going.


I wasn’t anticipating being hit with such a huge dose of the feels when I started playing, but there I was, feel-dosing like crazy. I guess RIFT has become one of those MMOs that’s graduated to the most important games I’ve played. I’d also forgotten how really pretty this game could be.

I built Crickety as a straight-forward summoner who enjoys a DoT or two. Main Necromancy soul with Warlock on the side for another DoT and Elementalist for more pet buffs. With a skeletal knight and my trusty Ducklar at my side, I felt like the dream team had come home to dominate.

My main goal of the night was to get her to level 10 and refamiliarize myself with the game and combat system. Very smooth all around, and by the end of the evening I had made my way to Sanctum to set up shop for my upcoming adventures. I even joined up with a guild for a bit of socialization and started planning my new dimension. Really excited to be back and to play the game a bit of a different way than before. Excelsior!


3 thoughts on “RIFT: My dream team

  1. Rowan December 3, 2015 / 12:45 pm

    I am sorely tempted by this.

  2. Sylow December 3, 2015 / 1:33 pm

    Refamiliarize? For Rift? An interesting idea. All in all, a refamiliarisation with Rifts combat is quite easy, put the two or three essential macros on your hotbar, use nothing else and you are good to go. This might sound harsh, but this is what in the end killed the game for me. (Even check the games forum, usually builds there are presented including the two or three macros you shall use exclusively to get the maximum out of your character. )

    That being said, the game really is graphically beautiful and since the costume system was reworked (already years ago) you can hang around in style there.

  3. Xannziee December 4, 2015 / 9:38 am

    Rift was my 1st mmo! I play it now and then just 4 kicks. Always bard or ranger… i LOVE my raptor ❤

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