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RIFT: Instant adventures in babysitting

I’m still settling into my new RIFT mage, bit by bit. With Fae Yule coming up this week, I’m making sure to stock up on minion currency for the anticipated minion missions (in this, I can thank my old self for having dutifully socked away a ton of extra currency in the event of such a promotion).

Baby was magnanimous enough to allow me to run a few instant adventures last evening as well. While IAs can be frantic — run run to the next area, try to tag mobs and items before everyone else does, rinse and repeat — they’re also a weird sort of relaxing. Just chained together missions that offer up variety and a sight-seeing tour of different zones.

I think that’s perhaps what I like best about IAs: They keep the scenery changing and interesting. I’m revisiting old favorite zones and getting to sample a few high-level ones without feeling as though I’m overstaying my welcome.


There’s apparently a higher level of IA difficulty that was added since I played last. I haven’t worked up the courage to try it yet — my gear and levels need to improve somewhat before I’ll feel comfortable taking on a higher challenge. But still, it’s pretty cool that it’s there to keep things interesting.

I did whack out a few levels, going from 13 to 16, all while killing werewolves, torching houses, putting down beefy constructs, and defending a wardstone. The necromancer build is really simple, so I spend battles slapping DoTs on anything near while letting my skeleton rogue run wild.

I am transferring servers to go back to Faeblight. That way I can consolidate my wealth and perhaps check out what guilds are active on that shard these days. The guild finder is nice and all, but sometimes I wish it had more information to help you decide which guilds are worth applying to.

I didn’t get as much gaming time as I’d like because I was running a benchmark on my system to try to nail down why it seems that MMOs are actually running slower on this machine than my old one. I’ve noticed that for a while now and it’s frustrating — my frame rate is way down in most games despite having a somewhat decent graphics card and the latest drivers. I have a suspicion I didn’t quite put this all together the right way but I don’t know how to track down what I did wrong. The benchmark test looked fine in most respects, although the CPU was a little below par. I am hoping for a new graphics card for Christmas, so that might help out somewhat.

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