Devilian: Speak softly and carry a big gun


Trion’s newest import isn’t the most original or the deepest entry into the gaming pool, but darn it if Devilian isn’t viscerally satisfying.  So far it isn’t stressful in the least, letting auto-run take you to the next place that you’ll right-click your way to victory (with the occasional assortment of special skills). I totally dig my Cannoneer’s whump-whump-whump of her massive gun. Seriously, if the class wasn’t right up my alley, there’d be no way I would play a tiny girl.

But what else would I choose? The ninja-chain guy who’s an elf? McMagic Bosom? Swordy? Nah, sometimes you just want to pew-pew through crowds of zombies and then call down artillery as an additional insult.

I’m still on the opening map (they get a lot of mileage out of it, I’ve found), having recently attained level 19. And I know that the auto-run thing might get some snotty mocking, but it really does help when you jump into a game and don’t exactly recall what you were doing last. Just hit that button and you’re on your way without any stress.

I had a few credits in my account, so I splurged on a weird big-eared pet that would automatically pick up my loot for me. Let me tell you, this thing is wonderful. He not only gets regular loot but dropped quest items too. It’s like that donkey from Dungeon Siege. Do my dirty work, dude!

4 thoughts on “Devilian: Speak softly and carry a big gun

  1. I burst out laughing when the opening screen had an intense woman with buxom busoms heaving up and down. I also picked the Cannoneer with similar thoughts on the other classes. Gameplay seemed very smooth and I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. The auto-run received more than snotty mocking from me and I half expect an an auto-battle option to be unlocked at higher levels. I couldn’t really get past that.

  2. Also a Cannoneer. By the way, in the character creation screen, they have the “boob jiggle” physics down pat! LOL

    My character names is ElondraTOG (TOG stands for The Older Gamers guild) and I am on the top-most NA server…forget its name.

    In case you didn’t know, use your Devilian mode as much as possible…not just for the boss mobs. Here is the setup I use: 1) Run through grouped mobs to get their attention…gather 5-7 groups (about 40 mobs total)…2. Throw Spark Trap to slow them down….3)Throw the skill that poisons them…4)Unleash with the Machine-Gun skill (forget the name). Those steps will fill up your Devilian bars quickly after running it twice.

    Once Devilian transformation is full, do the same above EXCEPT don’t use the Machine-Gun skill….go to the center of all the mobs and activate the Devilian mode (V key). And lay waste…you’ll often get 25-35 Combos…which give you temporary buffs…and it will help get you a lot of devil souls which helps you rank up your Devilian mode.


  3. And unfortunately, using Report Spam and Ignore Player will *NOT* turn off the increasing gold spam on all the chat channels. I suspect TRION will as Bluehole to fix that as soon as possible.


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