WildStar: The Mystery Shack and SkyMall


My current big project on my WildStar housing plot is to pay homage to the great Gravity Falls by creating a replica of the iconic Mystery Shack. This is much, much easier thought of than done. I’m working off a few pictures of the house, and let me say that it’s not going to be the easiest structure to replicate. It has a sharply sloping roof, an L-shaped floor plan, two stories, and lots of lettering.

Actually, the lettering is the part I haven’t been able to crack yet. I need to figure out something I can use to spell out large letters on the sign. After all, it’s not as though WildStar hands you giant alphabet decor.

I’ve been making good progress, at least for me. I laid out the floor (which is raised, half on blocks and half with pillars), added the cellar doors, and constructed the front entranceway. Another issue is that the Mystery Shack in the show is a log cabin — and WildStar doesn’t have straight, clean logs to work with. So I’m fudging a bit by using 2x4s, but I have a plan to “enhance” them later on.

I was proud to get the A-frame done, complete with the triangle window at the top. WildStar doesn’t have triangle glass yet, so I had to make a frame with wood and turn a square pane a bit to fit.

The side is coming along too. The windows of the Mystery Shack have a diamond pattern to them, so I was able to replicate that with overlapping framed glass. I’ll have to hide the top of that glass somehow — hopefully the roof — and doing the same on the smaller side window might be out of the question.

The roof might be the hardest part. There’s nothing I could find to work as green shingles, so right now I’m going to shrink exile flooring, overlap it to give it an uneven look, and then plop some grass on top. We’ll see.

There’s a lot, lot more to be done before I can get to even decorating it, but I’m excited about the possibilities.


Protostar’s Winterfest kicked off yesterday, so I made sure to check that out. The decorations, once again, are fantastic — I hardly recognized Thayd as I ran around it. Even for a heartless corporate approach to the holidays, it sure is cheery and Christmasy. There were dailies to do, including another bout of visiting neighbors’ plots (this time to sing into mics), and some rewards that are interesting but not quite as exciting as spooky Halloween ones.

I also ran the skymall dungeon. It’s a fantastic setpiece with a lot of inventive encounters, from dousing flaming gifts to avoiding malfunctioning robots to blowing up gifts just because. On the downside, it’s pretty long (WildStar’s instance design skews this way, unfortunately), not very strong on combat, and ultimately wasn’t that lucrative for me. For 50 or so minutes of effort, I got two head bows (one-shot consumables) and some cash to spend in the holiday store. WildStar really needs to be more free with the loot with holiday dungeons. This is kind of pathetic.

I’ll give it a go for a few more days and see what I want to buy, but most of my interest right now is in building my shack. I would love to have a structure on my plot that is truly visit-worthy.


One thought on “WildStar: The Mystery Shack and SkyMall

  1. Winter (@Winterskorn) December 17, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    Any suggestions on how to get into Wildstar? I’ve tried recently and stopped at I think level 8:)

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