Moving my gaming pieces into place for 2016

piecesI see a lot of bloggers taking the time at the end of the year to engage in the traditional planning for what they want to do in the new year. Futile? Plans change and all of that, but I never think it’s stupid to make plans. Sometimes you follow through on them, sometimes they lead you elsewhere, but always they call you into action and force you to make choices and organize.

I’m feeling a little scattered and in need of some serious planning for what I want to do in 2016. Jumping around in titles is fun and all of that, but I recognize that it would help if I focused and at least tried to stop acting like a jittery kid who can’t decide which candy he wants to eat first. The Snickers! No… Starburst! No… Smarties! Wait, no one ever wants Smarties.

Home MMO

As I expressed earlier this week, I want to plant roots in a traditional MMO and work on making it a home (leveling to the cap, getting involved in the community, etc.). I love the idea of setting into a game — of committing, at least for a good while — but the big question is, which one?

I’m using the remaining days of 2015 to engage in a weird personal reality show-type game-off between five titles, daring them to vie for my affection and time: LOTRO, WoW, FFXIV, SWTOR, and RIFT. Each of those I’ve played before, know that they have something to offer in this department, have some strong pluses and minuses, and have good communities behind them. By January 1st, I’ll have made my decision with this. I’m sure you will be anxiously awaiting it.

Satellite MMOs

Variety is great and I don’t want to focus down so much that I lose the benefits of getting a broader experience and avoiding burnout. Here’s what I’m thinking for my satellite MMO roster:

  • WildStar: Definitely don’t want to leave this any time soon. I’ll keep coming up with little goals for my Engineer, attempt to flesh out her build with full AMP/ability points, and work on housing, housing, housing.
  • The Secret World: I’m actually quite excited to be back in the game and working on the Secret Adventures again. I also have the new issue to explore. That all should keep me quite busy even if Funcom doesn’t put out much new content in 2016 (which would be a shame).

Yup, just two. Two plus a home MMO plus an action RPG is more than enough variety for me and my limited time.

Action RPG

I love the idea of diving into an action-RPG — sometimes you just need that click-fest fix with a side of loot explosion. Devilian has lost my interest and I need to put Marvel Heroes on the backburner for now. So I’m thinking that Diablo III is going to win my attention, and I’m going to try giving the new season a go when it kicks off in mid-January.

Solo RPGs

Right now I’m a little burned out on retro games and have been really wanting to fully explore a single-player RPG (of which I have many). So I’m going to pull the trigger on Pillars of Eternity and do some more posts on here about it. Also, my exercise time will be initially spent going back through Chrono Trigger on my iPad. I haven’t done a full run-through of that since the 90s.

Putting out to pasture

This means that not every game that I have on my computer is going to get some attention — which I must remind myself is OK. Doesn’t mean I won’t dip into them from time to time, but sometimes you need to do a little house cleaning. So what’s getting sidelined?

  • Devilian: Uninstalled. It was reasonably fun for a few days, but once I got a better idea of what it had entailed for the game, I couldn’t see myself putting this as my action RPG of choice.
  • Skyforge: This has been installed — an unplayed — on my computer just shy of forever. I don’t think it’s going to get my attention, so out it goes!
  • Whatever of the main MMOs I don’t pick: I don’t need to try to be dancing between several MMO homes and communities, and three of them (SWTOR, WoW, and FF14) require subscriptions (SWTOR for the newer stuff).
  • Retro Games: As I said, Pillars of Eternity is going to take the place of these for the time being.
  • Path of Exile: I’ve logged in maybe a dozen times so far and haven’t found it better than D3 for my tastes, so I need to cut this loose.
  • Marvel Heroes: I won’t uninstall this, but other than logging in to get the daily rewards I want to let this go fallow for a while. If D3 doesn’t really work out, MH is a great candidate for a rebound title.
  • Trove: Cute. Accessible. Not my jam. Uninstalled.

On deck

Of course, there are always the games yet to come, and looking ahead, there are two I feel I should mention as potentials to be played in 2016 if they get to a launch or semi-launch state.

  • Project Gorgon: The title is going to Steam soon and should be more stable (in terms of features) than it was when I last played. I really do want to dive into it, but I keep waiting until it feels like the right time. Maybe this year?
  • Shroud of the Avatar: Another game I own and am waiting for a launch. Looks like maybe mid-summer 2016 right now. Want to give it a fair shake when that happens.

6 thoughts on “Moving my gaming pieces into place for 2016

  1. tsuhelm December 24, 2015 / 9:47 am

    I am hoping that the new server merged and busy LOTRO will re-energize my waning interest in MMO’s…(Been out of game for nearly a month with no computer!) its old, its not pretty but I still have lots to do with lots of friends I think it may be FUN!

    Why has you interest in MH declined? I hope I am just about to jump in…any advice?

    And I wish I had a computer that could handle FFXIV… then life would be quite different… but I am sure my wife and kids are happier the way it is… FF addiction has been kept under control by long abstinence…

    wonders if 2016 is the year I get an up to date console again…PS4 me thinks…

  2. Syp December 24, 2015 / 11:44 am

    I feel a bit aimless in Marvel Heroes these days — little focus after having gotten a half-dozen or so heroes to 60 and fully decked out two of them. Just taking a step back so my interest can be revitalized.

  3. bhagpuss December 24, 2015 / 2:25 pm

    No-one ever wants Smarties? Do we live on the same planet? Although I didn’t realize you even had Smarties on that side of the pond. I thought you had to make do with M&Ms.

    Your list of five MMOs seems to include one you have repeatedly said you are burned out on (LotRO), one you actively dislike (FFXIV) and one you say is a struggle at the higher levels (Rift). I would bet that if you pick any of those you won’t last six weeks.

    You generally sound like you’re enjoying SWtOR and WoW is probably good for another run so I am betting it ends up being one of those. And I still bet you end up playing something else more after not very long 😛

  4. Syp December 24, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    The times, they are a-changing. And I might be surprising even myself. But I really, really like the idea of committing to something for a good while. Feeling the need to settle down.

  5. DDOCentral December 25, 2015 / 4:34 pm

    Please do a series on Asheron’s Call sometime soon. The game may be shut down on Turbine’s servers in the near future, so 2016 is the time to explore this piece of MMO history one last time.

  6. tsuhelm December 30, 2015 / 5:38 am

    I was disappointed to find that my wife’s refitted comp could still not run the game… will have to keep waiting until I get my own ‘GAMING’ computer…

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