Syp’s top 5 non-MMO video games of 2015

fallboomGenerally, if I have gaming time I’m going to put it into MMOs. That said, there were a few other games that caught my interest this year, so here are five such non-MMO video games that I played and enjoyed.

1. Fallout 4

Other than a couple of titles that I just got on Steam’s holiday sale, Fallout 4 was the only PC game I bought during all of 2015. I couldn’t help it — I love this series, although Bethesda’s entries aren’t quite as sticky as the older ones were. Still, I’ve greatly enjoyed exploring the wasteland and seeing what wonders and horrors this world has to offer.

2. Dungeon Boss

Weirdly enough, this freemium mobile game has become one of my favorite go-to titles when I have a minute here and there. It’s a quick dungeon runner with a small four-person party, through which you gradually unlock other characters and build them up.

3. Star Trek 25th Anniversary/Judgment Rites

Probably the retro gaming series that I enjoyed the most this year, both Star Trek adventure games were a blast from the past, full of clever puzzles, vintage voice acting from the original cast, and a fun episodic structure. I never played Judgment Rites before, so I was glad to check that out.

4. The Walking Dead Season Two

Not quite as strong of an entry as the first season of Telltale Games’ vision of the zombie apocalypse, but it was still a gripping enough ride to create memories and make me consider strongly each choice that I made.

5. Knights of Pen and Paper II

I spent many enjoyable hours in the sequel to the strange D&D-themed Knights of Pen and Paper. Some people didn’t like the second game as much, but I appreciated its humor, its gear system, and its graphics more than the first. The two update packs that came out since the title’s release were welcome additions in the form of new quests and classes.

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