The Secret Adventures: CDC vs. Orochi (Blue Mountain #7)

(Join Syp as he attempts to document a complete playthrough of The Secret World from start to finish. What will The Secret Adventures discover next? Find out in this exciting installment! WARNING: Spoilers and stories ahead!)


The Filth (action mission)

  • I kind of feel bad for Marianne Chen, the sole CDC survivor. Her entire team’s been wiped out, she’s stick in the middle of Filth central, and she’s not part of any organization that’s really in the know. Out of all of the characters on Solomon Island, I’d vote to airlift her out first. And because of the suit, we don’t even know what she really looks like.
  • She could use a hug. D’AWWW.
  • Time to head back into the Moon Bog, one of my least favorite areas of the game, to find Chen’s colleagues. All of the water is Filth-infected (and gives you a mighty debuff) so you have to avoid it, and there are mobs that lasso you in left and right. It’s a lot of annoying packed into one space.
  • One of Chen’s now-deceased coworkers had the bright idea of stopping up the outflow pipes in the bog with drum lids, because that’s government science at work. Why not? Plug away, Syp!
  • So we do learn a couple of things from this mission. The first is that the CDC was sent in to assist Orochi because of “government cooperation,” but the CDC was in over its head from the get-go. The second is that the Filth came from the quarry, which is owned by the Orochi.
  • It’s really hard to put together a timeline of how everyone terrible happened on this island all at once — the fog, the Filth, and the other various supernatural uprisings. Separately I can roll with it, but all together it’s almost comical how nutty apocalyptic everything has gotten on this small patch of land. Oh well, for the good of the game!


The Orochi Group (sabotage mission)

  • CDC’s Chen is downright miffed at how Orochi has used her team as cover and then not even bothered to help them when the Filth went down. I find it interesting how these intro cutscenes seldom actually ask our characters to do anything — to assign them a mission. It’s more a story vignette to which our character responds by making up their own quest. So she’s upset with Orochi and I go, huh, I’m going to break into their compound! Just because!
  • Like pretty much every sabotage mission in this game, this quest is pretty annoying — especially the first time through. The Orochi compound is full of drones and troops, all of which will one-shot you into unconsciousness after which your body will be dragged into a nearby steel shipping crate. It used to be a lot worse before Funcom added a visual to the front of the drones showing where they were facing and how far their vision goes.
  • You can putz around with the front gate lock by getting a code, but I much prefer getting on top of a nearby van and then jumping — with my motorcycle — right over the fence. It’s a little movie moment, right there.
  • The CDC hazmat suit I got a few missions earlier comes in handy here. To get the scientists to vacate the lab, I gas them from the outside, then stroll in with my awesome suit. Inside I find a holding cell that’s been broken, presumably by whatever Filth-infected being was inside.
  • There’s more dodging and at least one more tricky spot where you have to lure a lady out of a van so you can go inside and use her satellite connection (what — you already have a phone and are in constant contact with your faction? Pshaw to that logic!).
  • Geary notes that the Orochi here are trying to weaponize the Filth, which is silly because that’s like putting a chainsaw on a nuclear bomb. It’s already plenty deadly on its own, thank you.
  • And we’re not done with the camp, because in one of the Orochi’s vans is not one but two additional quests. Get used to jumping that fence, Syp!

The Filth Amendment (action mission)

  • I love me a good quest title pun, and this one is sublime.
  • Let’s wrap up the two quests in the Orochi van, shall we? The first one kicks off with a faceless call across the internet to some muckity-muck in Orochi command (Samael?). He makes some vague threats and condescension, but seriously, you’re in charge of an organization staffed by non-mobile corpses. I don’t have a lot of respect for that.
  • The voice wants me to track down Subject Zero, the Filth guy that escaped from that holding cell up above.
  • This is much easier said than done. Subject Zero is somewhere right in the middle of Filth central — the quarry — and that place is downright nasty. Mobs just everywhere.
  • After a lot of fighting, I lure Zero out and we have a civil talk. With guns. And elemental Thor hammers. And lots of blood. Good news is that I walked away from it and he did not.


Win Win (investigation mission)

  • Orochi voice is happy that I took care of Zero but is downright curious who let him go and if that someone was on the inside or outside of the camp. He suggests I dig into it and see what I can find, forwarding the data to both him and the Illuminati. Everyone wins except me, I guess. I got to stay in this stupid camp for a little bit longer.
  • Do you feel like a hacker? Well, you probably won’t after this mission but it will stretch your brain some. The goal here is to dig some info out of the computers, which means solving a string of number logic puzzles. You know, “guess which number is next in this sequence” sort of things. I don’t mind these but they’re not my favorite.
  • There’s a whole series of those puzzles, so you can either spend an hour figuring them out or ten seconds looking them up on the internet. Your call. The latter isn’t as personally fulfilling, but oh well.
  • Story-wise, it looks as though there was a mole who was trying to pass along info about Third Age objects to a “she” in Egypt. Man, I need to get to Egypt soon!

6 thoughts on “The Secret Adventures: CDC vs. Orochi (Blue Mountain #7)

  1. Gamera977 January 7, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    Yeap, gotta love these missions, in the real world if I see anyone in a self-contained hazmat I’m going to go the other way lickly-split. Since it’s a RPG I stroll over and strike up a conversation! And then wade though Filth up to my waist without a hazmat suit of my own- great idea!

    Heck, I didn’t know I could have climbed up on a van and jumped over the fence though, would have saved me a bunch of aggravation!

  2. Rowan January 7, 2016 / 3:57 pm

    “[A]ll together it’s almost comical how nutty apocalyptic everything has gotten on this small patch of land.”
    There may be more clues in the Tokyo chapters that I never got to, but I always assumed that the Draugr and Zombies are a direct result of Orochi activities unearthing the Filth (or, conversely, Filth manipulating the Orochi).

  3. Rowan January 7, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    @Gamera Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know there was a code for the gate.

  4. enamelizer January 7, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    I laugh every single time I have an elaborate cut scene that kicks off a mission without giving me any goals. Then I look at the mission tracker and I have extremely specific goals, seemingly out of nowhere. I guess it’s easy to RP that “my character is the expert filth killer, so he made his own list”.

    Moon bog was where I quit the game my first time around. When I came back to the game I found myself in anima form in Moon Bog. Then I remembered getting to that point, dying repeatedly, then rage quitting and buying GW2 lmao

  5. salma thabet November 5, 2016 / 11:27 am

    I Am so happy i found your Blog , it feels like a diary of a clueless bee 🙂 reminds me of myself all the time.
    Only , i was much much higher on the noob scale , when i first started i used most of my ability points in Blood tree because i thought it sound cool. I had blade/pistol equiped & was wondering my my ability bar is almost empty.
    Ah the memories!

  6. Syp November 5, 2016 / 1:53 pm

    Welcome and glad you enjoy!

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