Diablo 3: Machine gun in leather boots


I would post a picture of my character, but currently I’m wearing the most ridiculous headpiece and I’m ashamed of it (even though it’s legendary).

So like several fellow bloggers, I jumped on board Diablo 3 this past Friday for the start of Season 5. For me, this was my first time participating in a season and potentially completing the game (I’ve only gotten through Act 2 in the past — and it’s been a while). Instead of going with my traditional Witch Doctor (for pets), I decided to start up a Demon Hunter instead. It helped that I learned just a week or so ago that the DH gets a companion pet, and that tipped me over into trying out a new class.

I wasn’t power-leveling to 70 like others in our guild; I needed to relearn the game and wanted to explore the full story before buckling down and doing the seasonal stuff (I have three months, anyway).

I bumped up the difficulty to hard and went at it. My main focus was just to experiment with the different skills and builds at the Demon Hunter’s disposal to see what worked best for me. I took an early shine to rapid fire, although multishot is pretty awesome for screen-clearing potential. I haven’t been killed yet, so perhaps it’s time to push the difficulty higher, I don’t know.

I was pretty excited to start getting legendary drops here and there, which certainly helped to bolster my character to the point where it was actually hard for her to take damage when fighting bosses.

It’s all mostly mindless fun, like popping bubblewrap. There’s a certain satisfaction from going on a massacre or clearing an entire screen and then running around to pick up all of the loot left behind. I got into the mid-20s (I am slow, I know) and part of the way through Act II.

Even though I’m enjoying playing it, I foresee difficulty writing blog posts about Diablo 3 in the future. What am I going to say — “I clicked! I clicked again! More clickage!”? Action RPGs are the popcorn of gaming: fun to partake but not with as much substance as other titles.

It’d be great to get to 70 and figure out what I’m supposed to be doing as part of the progression track. I read some posts that made me go a little cross-eyed at everything to be done, but like everything, it doesn’t all need to be done at once. Little bit at a time and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.


Last night I switched over to adventure mode and… yeah, this is what I should be playing. Missions that skip you around the map and lots and lots of XP. I started zipping up through the levels pretty quickly — and I got my sentry turret, which is now my favoritist thing in the whole world. Well, my wife, my children, and then my sentry turret that shoots homing missiles. If only my kids could shoot off homing missiles.

4 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Machine gun in leather boots

  1. The seasons really added a lot to the game for me, especially the new season journey. I stay focused and engaged when I have specific goals to work on. I’m trying a wizard this time, one of two classes that I have not leveled to max before. I’ve done two demon hunters because, like you said, sentry turrets and rapid fire are fun!

  2. Playing Diablo III, speaking favorably about World of Warcraft, you’re suddenly becoming Mister Blizzard fan in 2016. So what is next, Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm? (Heh, j/k)

    I also patched up and made a season 5 character. It is a decent way to start off fresh since you are locked out of what your regular characters are up to. But I agree, I couldn’t put together a couple blog posts a week about D3; it goes by too fast and is a lot of the same old click fest at every big fight. Fun all the same though.

  3. Adventure mode is fun and a great way to power level, but I would still recommend finishing the campaign first. The story starts off slow, but the later three acts are increasingly intense and engaging, and there’s more of a sense of progression and adventure (ironically) than there is just bouncing around at random in adventure mode.

    Also, make sure to be diligent about going through all the conversations with the NPCs and your companions. Some of their arcs are pretty interesting. Especially Covetous Shen. He starts off seeming like just pure comedy relief, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll see there’s a lot more to him.

    Oh, and I think you’ll need to play the campaign to unlock the mystic? Not sure if they added a way to get her in adventure mode or not. But once you have her, your silly hat problem will be solved.

    As for your class, demon hunter is one I always wanted to like more than I ultimately did. I think it just takes too long for them to unlock the skills I like, and their personality wound up being a little too emo for my taste. I prefer the wry charm of the crusader or the irrepressible cockiness of the wizard, myself.

    I’d recommend focusing on multishot over rapid fire. Rapid fire’s okay to start, but as you get to higher levels and difficulties, having to stand still and channel is going to become increasingly problematic.

  4. I spent season 4 as a DH and went with the Multishot build and it was insane. You can quite easily clear screens full of stuff very easily at high torment levels, the higher you go the more things are to do with not getting hit by the enemies. But seeing damage spikes to over a billion is always good fun.

    I had a friend who went with Natalya’s set and used a CD reduction RoV build and he had a lot of fun with that. Between the two of use we nuked through the higher level Torment rifts quite easily.

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