FFXIV: Everyone in this world has a mandatory word count


Man, I need to write more frequent FFXIV posts — I don’t want to keep having to do these big wrap-ups of a week’s worth of adventures.

I’m not racing through the main storyline but I am making progress of a sort. I’ve been running the first three dungeons off and on, mostly to gear up a little bit and get that daily roulette bonus. But apart from that, I’m enjoying sitting back and letting the story wash over me.

I have to give FFXIV props for two things off the bat:

  1. The story is getting better, indeed. It’s not perfect and in some places it’s downright weird and cheesy, but I’m pretty impressed that there’s nuance here, storylines that aren’t tied up with a bow within two minutes, and a good command of narrative. The game does a really good job laying out the foundation for the primals, why they’re a threat, and how they come about, among other things. Having multiple countries and factions in play could get headache-inducing, but I’m starting to suss out the motivations and personalities of each. Heck, the story is even pretty funny in parts.
  2. There’s an amazing reuse of zones. I still have no idea how big the world is, because here I am at level 25 and the game’s been sending me around the same nine zones (plus three cities), with plenty left unexplored on the map. Usually in MMOs you kind of blitz through a zone and wash your hands of it, but here I’m constantly revisiting areas, and since there’s a lot of attention paid in the details, that’s not a bad thing.


So two major developments since last week: My character has joined up with the Seven Scions of Midriffs and the Maelstrom Grand Company (because I hate Ul’dah’s layout and there’s no way I’m working for Elves). I’m starting to learn that pretty much all of the leaders in this game are weird people, starting with Barbie Minfilia here, but that’s part of the charm too. At least it isn’t a bunch of stuffy old guys with beards.

I like the idea of Grand Companies, I guess, but I still need another 1,000 seals to get my darn chocobo. I’m doing FATEs, hunting logs, and daily roulettes to earn some.


This guy is so metal every screenshot he’s in could be the cover of an album. I call this one “Irfrit and the Star Destroyers.”


One of the things I’m trying hard to do here is to tap into the love — or at least affection — I once held for the Final Fantasy franchise. So while I wasn’t geeking out to meet Biggs and Wedge, seeing them did bring a smile to my face and make me think of games past.

Also, where can I get a pair of goggles like that?


One of the reasons that I’m not a lot higher of a level right now is that I’ve been experimenting with different classes again. Right now I’m leaning toward trading in the lancer to do some gladiator work. It seems like I could get in dungeons much faster and get some extra bonuses if I did that, and there’s an equal cool visual factor with the gear that I’m having with the dragoon.

I’ve also flirted with the archer/bard and arcanist/summoner as potentials. I know I can keep switching, but I do want something to focus on as I level, and I’m not 100% sure that I want to be a dragoon when I grow up. Hopping around is for bunnies, right? It wouldn’t be a terrible thing to be some sort of magical unstoppable tank.


So that’s messed up, right? Our guild was getting a laugh out of it last night.


4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Everyone in this world has a mandatory word count

  1. Aywren January 20, 2016 / 9:39 am

    If you’re trying to knock out those seals for a chocobo (very worth it), you can also do Grand Company Levequests. I believe (double check me) you can find them in Moraby Drydocks in Lower Lanoscea. Look for an unlocking quest “Leves of Moraby”. These are repeatable and a lot faster than waiting on FATEs or scrounging hunts for your first seals.

    Just make sure they’re the “Grand Company” version of leves – there are normal leves too.

  2. ironweakness January 20, 2016 / 12:31 pm

    I liked the way FFXIV handled zones. For a game with levels (meaning zones have to scale in difficulty) it’s a good way of making them real places and not like levels in a Mario game you simply have to get thorough to move on, but also scaling in difficulty as you progress. Whenever the story brought me back to a zone, it aided with the immersion that this was a real place with real citizens that I was helping. Because when you think about it, it’s kind of silly in an MMO when a story can’t circle back to a previous location simply because it’s too low level.

  3. pkudude99 January 20, 2016 / 3:23 pm

    I had gotten so used to the whole “burn through a zone and move on” styloe of MMO leveling/questing that FFXIV felt weird to me at 1st. Level 3 mobs here, but look right there across that footbridge there are level 27 aggro mobs. . . . . .

    I got used to it, and like it now, but at 1st it was jarring. I just wish they’d been able to make more use of the old zones with Heavensward. A few quests send you back, but they spawn their own mobs and you don’t use the overland mobs anymore since nothings as high as would be needed 😦

  4. pkudude99 January 20, 2016 / 3:32 pm

    Also, in reply to Aywren’s comment — I think GC leves don’t start until level 20. I don’t recall if there are any in Moraby or not. I always used Drybrush in Eastern Thanalan — there are level 15 “normal” leves there, and then once you use them to hit 20 then there are the GC leves there also that can get you up to 20 in a hurry plus the GC seals are a nice bonus too.

    I used to go to Aleport and 10, level up there to 15, then go from 15 to 20 in Moraby also, but I think the reason I stopped using that location was due to the lack of GC leves. But I could be wrong. I may have just drifted off in general. I do that…..

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