Question for FFXIV experts: How much am I missing out by not doing crafting?

I’m not generally motivated to gather/craft unless there’s a really good reason for it (making lots of money, absolutely necessary for something later on, etc.). And this is a big unknown factor in my FFXIV play right now. I’m not doing any crafting or gathering — but should I? Am I hurting myself big-time down the line by not?


6 thoughts on “Question for FFXIV experts: How much am I missing out by not doing crafting?

  1. RohanV January 21, 2016 / 11:36 am

    You aren’t missing anything. Crafting and gathering in this game is the same thing as a full class, not a supplement to your battle class. Pretty much everything a crafter makes can be bought from the market board.

    You can make a lot of money through crafting, but it also requires a large investment to get to that level.

    My highest crafter is like 28, and I’ve never felt the lack.

  2. Aywren January 21, 2016 / 11:37 am

    You’re not hurting yourself by not crafting if that’s not your current interest. The game pretty much throws armor and weapons at you, even after you hit level 50, so you usually won’t need to craft things along the way (unless you want to).

    Gathering helps with making money, but if you are just there for the experience, and you don’t care about the gil, then that shouldn’t worry you either. The amount of gil given out during the base game of FFXIV was buffed at Heavensward’s release, and if you make sure to unlock your Challenge Log, you shouldn’t have money problems.

    I didn’t complete leveling my crafting or gathering classes to 50 until a few weeks before Heavensward launched, and it never hurt my pre-Heavensward experience. I’m still working on leveling crafting and gathering right now, but that’s because I’ve finished Heavensward and it’s part of what I choose to do at my own end game. It gets very complex and can be very expensive when you start working on end game gear for crafting/gathering.

    Another thing to consider is that bag space can feel pretty limited already. Adding gear for a bunch of crafting and gathering classes, on top of the materials you need do do all the crafting, can eat up space fast. I’ve managed to get by with just two retainers, but they’re totally full up. The non-crafting character I have still has plenty of bag space, even with more than one class at level 60.

    tl:dr: You can always come back to craft and gather later. It’s not required for adventuring and won’t hurt your experience, especially if you are in a FC that already has master level crafters. I do it for the fun, not because I feel I have to.

  3. pkudude99 January 21, 2016 / 1:01 pm

    Not one thing. When I 1st started the game a big part of my not really caring for it was that I got sucked into the “crafting black hole” and started to feel like I couldn’t do anything unless I was making all of my own gear.

    When I re-subbed I got rid of all my crafting gear and materials so I wouldn’t even be tempted to try it again, and….. much happier. That said…. when I get my last 2 jobs to 60, I’ll probably give crafting another look, but at least now I know what I’m doing, so it probably won’t seem to be as soul-sucking as it did the 1st time.

  4. Barakai January 21, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    Crafting can be pretty time consuming. I dropped it and never looked back.

    There is plenty to do in game, especially since you can level all of the battle class.

  5. petiroi January 21, 2016 / 5:15 pm

    If you’re planning to reach end game some day, you’d better start to level EVERY crafting/gathering class at the same time and slowly. Just do the daily delivery mission for each job (purchase the items on the market board if you don’t want to spend time on it), it’ll also give you a lot of Grand Compagny Seals ! 🙂

  6. Daniel Pavlick (@dkpavlick) January 23, 2016 / 11:41 am

    Surprised no one mentioned Ixal beast tribe quests. Starting somewhere in the 40s, you’ll get invited to work with peaceful factions within some of the game’s beast tribes, and the quests for the Ixal all require crafting. The neat thing about them is you can start with one level-one crafter and ultimately grind experience for as many classes as you like without having to do any “real” crafting.

    Some of the later quests and combines ramp up the challenge, though, to the point where you almost need to have the level 15 cross-class skills to have reasonable chances of success. This stuff certainly isn’t required to enjoy the game, but gaining faction with the Ixal gives you access to additional pets/mounts/resources. I think the story is also charming.

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