Sharing FFXIV with my kids


One of the things I appreciate about FFXIV is that, like LOTRO, it’s a game that I feel comfortable showing to my little ones. It’s slower paced and has a lot of visual treats for wide eyes.

The other night I was going through a class quest (archer, I think) and I had two kids on a lap and another in a chair right by the computer. As I described what we were doing — hunting down a poacher (“Dad, what’s a poacher? Oh, that’s BAD!”) — they got incredibly engrossed. I got a lot of backseat directions: go in here, talk to this guy, get back on your chicken (chocobo) already!

Then as we’re traversing a zone, the weather system kicks in some lightning and thunder at night. No rain, just thunder and lightning, and it has an enrapturing effect on all three. “Dad! It’s going to start raining! Get to shelter! Ohh that’s scary!” It was cool to see the world come alive to them.

And then I tasked them with helping me find on-screen clues leading us to the poacher, so there were three sets of eyes combing the screen and pointing to anything with a name tag over it. “Is that it?” “No, that’s another player.” “What about that?” “That’s the same player.”

I also got asked a lot of questions about what the various creatures were and if they were real. FFXIV has whimsical versions of normal critters, like turtles and deer, so I get into a lot of arguments with my kids over whether this is actually a turtle or not. Kids like definitives.

Jumped down into a creek. “Dad! She’s going to get wet! Why is she running around in water? She needs galoshes!”

Anyway, we tracked down the poacher and cue a cutscene and fight. The kids gasped when one of my teammates got shot (I think) and were relieved to see she got out of there OK.

It was quite the little adventure, made all the more intense with kids getting really into the world, the setting, and the story.

8 thoughts on “Sharing FFXIV with my kids

  1. My 6-yr old daughter loves to run around herself. The pre-50 zones are mostly non-aggro, and for the post-50 she just uses my character and flies around so she’s safe above everything. But she loves her “cat with red hair and red ears” with either the fairy or the squirrel pets and running into houses and seeing the decorations. She still is just learning to read, so she doesn’t chat, but she’ll do emote-roleplaying with people in the housing zones and she figured out screenshots and takes interesting pictures. It’s a lot of fun to share it with her.

  2. I discovered your blog by reading this post (found on reddit/r/ffxiv/) and loved it ! Please continue to provide us more of your kids reactions to your adventures in Eorzea !

  3. I also enjoy gaming with my kids… Although my 12 year old rather plays on his own, but likes to use my computer doing so! πŸ˜‰

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