FFXIV: V-Day and artificial love


Valentine’s Day is quite weird in the MMO realm. You see every title struggling with whether to do something with it or not. Some think it’s too silly and can’t find a good opening in regard to the game’s theme, others are starved for a good real-world holiday a month and a half after Christmas (because why make up a new one? That would take creativity!). From a cursory view, I’d say about a third of the MMOs I know decide to do something with V-Day.

This marks my first time doing holiday stuff in FFXIV, as I was just finding my feet in the game around the Christmas/new year period. I went off to Limsa Lominsa to do the few quests in the courtyard that was being practically smothered by hearts and pink. Now, we all know that FFXIV doesn’t always elect to be subtle, and with this event it’s using every excuse to be as zany and extroverted as possible.

The weird thing was that to do the fortune teller quest, I had to team up with another player and put on the opposite set of earrings (because… I have no idea, call it Final Fantasy reasoning). A cat-girl in the vicinity needed a partner, so after a lot of finagling — she couldn’t figure out how to drop her duty finder, then couldn’t find her earrings — we went around and found that we were quite the perfect match. Naturally, the second the quest was done we dropped group and never spoke again. Love, everyone!


Gotta say, ever since I got my scholar job, I’ve been absolutely living it up as a healer! It’s not just that I can get into dungeons/guildhests within minutes — or even seconds — of queuing (although that’s nice), but it’s absolutely sating the desire I’ve had over the last half-year or so to get back into healing in MMOs.

It’s a really satisfying role, especially in an MMO where I’m not jumping around like a jackrabbit (TSW/WildStar) but instead can set up shop and heal/shield my team while throwing out DoTs on the side. And boy is that fairy pet great. I know people say I should put her on manual to utilize her the most effectively, but I’m not there yet. The whole fun of having a healing pet is that it’s helping out without my direct input, which takes something off my plate so I can spot heal and shield.


FFXIV is a very pretty game, I think most of us would agree, but I do have a small quibble with the graphics. Structures, particularly wooden ones, look a little too pristine and perfect, just enough so that it keeps grabbing my attention and making me think of older games (especially console titles). Like there should be a little more texture and dirt and not-quite-perfect angles. The above fishing village looks like a place that was created by a player level designer.


…says the game ironically right before it sends me off to do a near-endless string of trivial tasks instead of fighting the big threat that is bearing down on civilization. But no, no, I’ll go get your wine and kill your flies. That’s more important.

Also, Y’shtola earned my ire by fleeing with a flimsy excuse right after saying this. She’s apparently too good for trivial tasks.


This player was perched right above a doorway, and with the lighting and all I thought it made for a marvelous picture.


7 thoughts on “FFXIV: V-Day and artificial love

  1. Hugo February 4, 2016 / 9:16 am

    Argh, Assasins Creed in FFXIV! Again, nice read and cool screenies 👍

  2. Aywren February 4, 2016 / 11:15 am

    Welcome to the zany world of FFXIV holiday events. It’s not just V-Day that’s like this… they all have these quirky stories that border on silly in a slightly heartwarming way. You get used to it eventually and learn you can’t take the holidays too seriously. 🙂

    Scholar is a great class and a really powerful healer on down the line. It just takes wading through to level 30 to actually blossom into the healer you’re meant to be. I just hit level 60 on my White Mage, so I’m starting to learn the ins and outs of healing at this point (was too chicken before). I also have a level 40 Summoner/Scholar that I’m curious about returning to at some point.

    Hope you keep having fun! 🙂

  3. HarbingerZero February 4, 2016 / 12:07 pm

    I tried it again Tuesday night. Its not a bad game, but its just not my cup of tea. And all the little quirky things about it end up being the things I just can’t tolerate. It is pretty though. Maybe one day in the future it will click with me.

  4. pkudude99 February 4, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    Low-level dungeons are very forgiving for healers — the mobs don’t really do all that much damage, and your heals will often be for about 40-50% of your tanks hit points, so it’s pretty easy to keep them topped off. Add in that as a Scholar your fairy will cast Embrace on the tank when they hit 80% health and in the lower levels it will heal for 25-30% of the tank’s health…. yeah, scholar is a very forgiving way to learn healing also. But with that said, I’m going to quote one of my blog posts from back when I unlocked White Mage:

    “I was surprised by how easy it was to heal the low-level dungeons. Due to the random nature, I did anything from the level 16 to the level 26 dungeon, and the only time I ever felt even slightly hard-pressed (ie was spamming heals) was during the single time that the tank did a trash overpull and got 6 mobs instead of the typical 3. None of the boss fights were difficult to heal at all. I’m sure this will change as the levels eventually get higher, but for now, leveling a healer via dungeons is ez-mode. Wish I’d started earlier. . . .”

    As I recall it, it was the 2nd boss in The Temple of Qarn (level 35 dungeon) that made me finally feel like I needed to focus on healing when playing as a scholar. Up until then…. well you saw me as a scholar in Toto-Rak the other night — I never left cleric stance except for about 10-15 seconds during the final boss fight. The fairy did all the rest…..

  5. lonomonkey February 4, 2016 / 1:44 pm

    The healer make or break point is the level 47 Aurum Vale. Lots of AoE, lots of damage, poison everywhere, hard hitting mobs and if your group makes a mistake, it gets even worst. If you can heal through it without going mad, then you are a healer.

  6. Daraxis February 4, 2016 / 5:43 pm

    If you’re using Eos then manual control is best. She’ll automatically do her basic heal regardless of which control mode you’re in, but she’ll shoot off her aoe heal on cooldown, usually wasting it.

    If you’re using Selene (which you basically always should be … she’s better utility and the healing requirements are never that tough) then you should just leave her on auto all the time. She automatically basic heals, she only uses her ‘cleanse’ when somebody’s debuffed, and her DPS cooldown gets used only in combat. Total win!

  7. wolfyseyes February 5, 2016 / 10:03 pm

    I can’t wait for this game’s variant of Easter, by virtue of the event’s theme alone.

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