Fences by Stardock gets a Syp thumb’s up!

You know why I love Twitter? Because it’s my own personal answering machine. If I have a random question, I can toss it out to the ether and usually one of my smart, good-looking, and suave followers wing a helpful response back.

Yesterday I was pondering the issue of a crowded desktop on my two computers. Clutter in real life annoys me — and likewise on a screen I see every day. I asked Twitter if there was anything like being able to group up icons like how the iPhone allows, and a couple of people suggested that I check out Stardock’s Fences.

(As an aside, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Stardock, since they’re literally ten minutes down the road from me here in Michigan. Not a lot of Michigan gaming/software studios.)

It was $10 for the program, but after looking it over, I decided that this was exactly what I needed. And after installing it on both machines, I have to say that it’s a brilliant little piece of software.

Fences lets you easily make transparent windows for your desktop in which you can place thematically similar icons. These fences can be moved around, resized, and easily scrolled through if there are more icons in them than are currently showing. In a few minutes I was able to reclaim a large swath of my desktop real estate while organizing my programs into various groups. Plus, I anticipate it’s going to be of great help when I get my new hard drive online (I got the hard drive but forgot to order more cables, d’oh) and start downloading a bunch of MMOs.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass along this recommendation!

6 thoughts on “Fences by Stardock gets a Syp thumb’s up!

  1. First, awesome! I have the same problem and often wish for a better way to organize my desktop.

    Second, my condolences on whatever circumstances require you to have both Publisher and PowerPoint on your desktop.

  2. Probably his day job. These days all of us in the ministry pretty much have to have Publisher and PowerPoint locked and loaded as a matter of course. (-:

    Looks like a neat product. I just use scads of folders within folders, but this looks like a nice option.

  3. This looks cool and very neat. I may be dating myself here, but it is strangely reminiscent of Win 3.1 or even Deskview (from the Dos 3.1.1 days). It kind of meshes the newer transparency with the old Program Group concept from back then (without the 1 MB RAM ceiling).

  4. I would recommend a tool like Launchy or Wix. You just hit ALT + SPACE, or whatever your keybind is, and start typing the name of whatever you want to launch. I started using this and eventually just cleared all the icons from my desktop. It’s just an art showcase now 🙂

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