Computers on the fritz

Last night I was feeling particularly productive: I cooked dinner for everyone, whipped up a batch of low-carb blueberry muffins from a new recipe, played with our new dog and our old kids, and then turned to my computer to hook up a fourth hard drive with some cables that came in the mail.

As I’m doing this, my hand bumps against the cooling fan over the CPU and I notice that it’s loose. Like, very very loose. The bottom two plugs are out and when I try to press them back in, the top pop out as well.

Well, huh, I think to myself as I rock back on my heels. This could explain my computer’s lackluster performance as of late. I thought that the fan was firmly installed but either it wasn’t and I didn’t notice, or it somehow came loose from gremlins.

While that revelation was potentially illuminating, the fact that I now had a computer that was lacking a CPU fan was problematic. I couldn’t put it back in — the little plastic plugs were already locked into place — and I didn’t have a spare. So I threw on a coat and went driving out in to the dark, bleak Michigan evening to try to find a store that sold them.

I learned a lot that evening, mostly how very few places do, including Best Buy (seriously?). The only places that people recommended were either (a) closed already or (b) way too far away for a casual evening drive.

So I came home, did a little research on compatible parts, and ordered a new CPU fan and thermal paste from Amazon. Then, with my computer splayed open and dreams of playing MMOs evaporating from my plans, I sat down with our puppy and read the evening away.

At least I have my laptop for work and perhaps casual gaming over the next day or so. I’m really, truly hoping that the new fan will not only fit but prove the solution to these performance issues. Guess we’ll find out soon!

5 thoughts on “Computers on the fritz

  1. Yeah, CPU fans are the worst. I just hit it over and over until it stays in place. Sometimes I have a bloody hand, but that’s the price you have to pay for having a fast machine!

  2. I have the opposite problem. Can’t get mine loose. I have tried a few times because I’d like to redo the coolant paste but I just can’t shift it. At this stage of the PC’s life I’ve decided to leave it. If it ever becomes a problem that will be the trigger to replace the whole thing.

  3. I just had my pc die a few weeks back due to the cpu fan dying also. Replaced that and upgraded my video card and I’m back in business, though.

  4. Here’s hoping that this will fix your problem, though mainly this post made me think: PUPPY! Can we see pics? Heheh. As if four small children aren’t enough to keep you busy yet… 🙂

  5. Seconding Shintar on wanting to see puppy pics! ^_^

    Sorry to hear about your CPU fan. Hopefully the new one will fix all your issues and make the downtime worth it.

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