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Computers, puppies, and cooking

roxieIt was kind of a weird little weekend for me, truth be told. It started out pretty great, as (yet another) cooling fan arrived in the mail and after some finagling, I was able to install it just fine and get my desktop back together. Let me tell you, working with a small motherboard makes for cramped hands and really tight fits.

So while the good news is that I have a cooling tower and fan that’s working (and I have a CPU temp app to prove it), it didn’t make any change to my framerate issues. Still low-to-middling, still no apparent fix. But at least I’ve got the computer running again and that’s a huge blessing.

I also installed a fourth hard drive — a standard 1TB — just to start dumping a lot of once-in-a-while MMOs on it. It’ll probably take me a while to put all of the ones on there that I have in mind, but I’m glad it’s there. I did play a little Neverwinter, mostly as an archer, but nothing super-exciting to report from that side.

In other personal news, we’re one week and counting with our new puppy, Roxie, and she’s settling in well. It’s going to be a long road for housebreaking her, but at least the kids are helping. My son is responsible for taking her out on walks around the back yard and my daughter is in charge of feeding her, and that little bit of responsibility is definitely paying off. At least the dog is really friendly with the kids and loves to curl up with us and have her belly rubbed.

I’m also doing something I’ve wanted to do for years now — I’m working my way through a cookbook. I am kind of the family cook, but most of my standard meals are pretty basic, so I wanted to stretch out a little. Plus, I got this low-carb cookbook a while back and wanted to eat something else than just meat and eggs all the time. This morning I made low-carb maple pancakes and they were absolutely incredible.

5 thoughts on “Computers, puppies, and cooking

  1. I thought she might be, but didn’t want to assume. I knew folks who had dauchshunds and absolutely loved them as family pups! 🙂

  2. Sorry that the new fan did not fix your frame rate issue. That must have been disappointing. I’m no expert, but I wonder if running at a hotter temperature for a number of weeks may have permanently damaged some component. How far had you gotten with working through the suggestions in the other thread before you noticed the fan issue?

  3. Adorable. I have a mini dachshund myself by the name of Pippin (short and mischievous, fits him like a charm). Great family dog, though cheeky little buggers as well.

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