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Gaming plans for March

It feels like one of those days where you want to take stock of what you’re playing and what you’re thinking about playing in the future. Goals. Dreams. Whims. Since I’ve had so little time this past week to actually play, thinking about it offers some consolation.

Currently Playing (and goals)

  • FFXIV: I’m in the middle of 2.1 content, making steady and measurable progress. Some days I don’t know why I’m playing this game — feels very slow and restrictive — while others it’s the very first title I log into at night. My big goal is to get through the 2.x series and finally roll up a Mechanist, which will then mean a whole lot of leveling to get it up to the expansion. That class name must be Masochist, not Mechanist, am I right?
  • The Secret World: Logging in every night to do a handful of missions for the Secret Adventures series is becoming part of my daily ritual. I do have some long-term goals for my character’s build that will take a lot of AP/SP to accomplish (I don’t even have a single auxiliary skill yet, for pete’s sake). Meanwhile, Issue 14 is coming up, so I should probably dust off my Tokyo character and get her through the last Issue 13 quest before then.
  • World of Warcraft: I’m taking some of your advice by chain-running dungeons until I’m ready for Northrend content. It’s not terrible, XP- or loot-wise, and I’m seeing some instances that are brand-new to me. Every run is well under a half-hour, too, so that’s time-economical. But… it doesn’t feel quite like WoW to me, just to be doing dungeons. Questing out in the world is where the game is at for me, so I’ll be glad when this isn’t all I’m doing. Currently I’m level 53 on my Shaman and excited about level 60 and a new talent point.
  • Stardew Valley: As much as I like this game, I’ve only had small bits of time here and there to play it, so I’m very much behind the curve of most of my friends on it. I need to get to mining and smelting and making better stuff, so I guess it’s in setting goals and working toward them. Would love to have some sprinklers set up, yes indeedy.

Possible future plays

  • The Division: I’m quite divided on whether or not to spring for this game this week. I have heard some good things and it looks like an interesting world, but (a) it’s not as if my gaming time overfloweth, (b) I’m not sure it’ll run that good on my still-not-functioning-great computer, and (c) that $60 price tag is pretty weighty. I do need to start saving up for a new graphics card and bike, so spending less on games is probably wise.
  • LOTRO: Loaded on my computer. I’ve given thought to setting aside a week at some point to just playing LOTRO and seeing how much I can catch up in the main storyline. I think that’d be interesting, plus I kind of miss the game.
  • WildStar: Bad news or no, this game isn’t going to get deleted from my computer until or unless it gets shut down. Might come back for the new patch, see how it goes on my Engineer.
  • Project Gorgon: I continue to wait for the Steam launch for this, as that’s the compromise I’ve set between jumping into a rapidly changing game right now and waiting for a far-off future full release. It was supposed to happen by February and who knows when it’ll be. At least the game is still getting meaty updates, and I am definitely looking forward to getting into it full-bore.
  • DDO: Maybe? There’s so much content in this game right now and I always did like its focus on dungeons. Would need to figure out an effective and simple build if I did, however.

7 thoughts on “Gaming plans for March

  1. I had LOTRO on my list at one point, but the server upgrade issues derailed that previously.

    I am in the same boat on Project: Gorgon. I think being on Steam is the point when I want to do more than just peek in and dabble with it now and then.

  2. Machinist is actually pretty similar to Bard, just has a proc-based combo (partially managed by using a consumable resource “ammo”) and a burst skill called Wildfire so you try to load everything into the 15 seconds of Wildfire for the big additional hit it gives. You have a turret after level 40 that adds about 15% damage for you, and at 50 you get the AE version of it. Turret is also the source of the “songs” for mana or tp regeneration.

    My only real complaint about MCH is that the combo feels so streaky. It’s really quite fun otherwise.

  3. check newegg msi nvidia 970 on sale for 309.99 and comes with a free copy of the division right now

  4. I’m similarly torn on The Division. It wasn’t really on my radar, but the beta turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I expected. I’ve promised myself I’ll at least wait until the Steam summer sale, though. I have enough to play already, and in Canada, it’s a whopping $80.

    Thanks, exchange rates.

  5. Stardew Valley is purely single-player, right? Just asking because I always see it mentioned on MMO-related sites (like this one).

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