World of Warcraft: Postcards from Grizzly Hills


Two days into my 2016 return to World of Warcraft, I wrapped up the entirety of Northrend’s Grizzly Hills. It was a perfect zone to get re-acclimatized into the game: pretty, familiar, easy-going, not too difficult to navigate. And while WoW is — and always has been — on the chunky polygon side, the art is still quite attractive and made me prone to screenshotting. So today I wanted to share my Grizzly Hills photo album!


Making us kill “Imperial Eagles”? WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST AMERICA, BLIZZARD?


Love the hallway in this Troll tomb. Always makes me wonder who comes in these places to light the torches. Guess it’s magic or something.


Good ol’ Harrison Jones. Subtlety? World of Warcraft doesn’t really know how to do that. That’s OK, I kind of like that it doesn’t always take itself so seriously.

“Snakes? Why’d it have to be 20-foot-high snakes?”


Really liked the questline of this trapper town, where it turns out that everyone is a werewolf in disguise and there’s a lot of incredibly disturbing things going on under the surface. Guess I should’ve expected that, considering the decor of this entrance arch. Can only imagine the smell.


Really liked this shot of Oz and I romping through the foothills. Lots of blue!


This screenshot doesn’t do the interior of this broken world tree justice. The floating lights/fireflies and the generally pleasant makeshift village was downright homey. Not what’d I’d expect for an enemy furlong base.


World of Warcraft needs to create a water amusement park already. I think some of the designers obviously want the game to go in that direction.

As you can see, I did get flight for Northrend, if only to please my son who proceeded to hijack the game and take my dragon on all sorts of incredible adventures. And by that, I mean “nosedive the dragon into the ground repeatedly because he doesn’t know how to use a mouse that well.”


I found Bambi… and friends… and Bambi’s mother!

Then I thought, “Oh hey, I’m a hunter! How fortuitous!”

I don’t think you want to know what happened next.


Giant troll gods don’t impress me the way they used to. Honestly, I’m more intimidated by the clover there.


One thought on “World of Warcraft: Postcards from Grizzly Hills

  1. Dobablo April 4, 2016 / 9:46 am

    Either Insert/Delete or Page Up/Page Down (cannot remember which ones) control pitch, which lets you do silly things like loop-the-loop and fly upside down.

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