King’s Quest IV part 3: To catch a unicorn


(This is part of my journey going checking out King’s Quest IV. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

So we’re off to catch a unicorn for a witch, the logic of which rests entirely in adventure game logic. If only Rosella had a taser, this quest would be over so very quickly. Remember, kids: Unicorns are not our friends. They would eat you and everyone you love if they had half the chance.

Near the unicorn is this ornate, Romanesque pool. Cupid flies down for a dip, during which I startle him and steal his bow. Our heroine, ladies and gents! And let’s not think too hard about the fact that Cupid looks very much like a child and is butt-nekkid. Thank goodness for a low-fidelity age of graphics!


And why not follow up some casual theft by drugging a semi-sentient creature? Rosella, you’re a fantasy menace. I’m starting to warm up to you, to be honest.

So the unicorn is our friend now, but it won’t let Rosella ride it, since it’s not wearing any bridle. Couldn’t you just tell the unicorn where to go? Flick its left ear to make it go left, etc.? Obviously, I haven’t ridden many horses in my life.


Continuing with her crime spree, er, heroic journey, Rosella brazenly trespasses right into the Seven Dwarves’ tree house. It’s a cute place, although it’s filthy. Seven men who don’t pick up after themselves? I would not want to live there.

So you can make Rosella clean the house, which launches her on a multi-minute… cut-scene, I guess. It’s pretty amusing, with cartoon-like effects and a cheery tune playing as she steps into the role of Snow White. Afterward, the dwarves file in and start eating lunch, inviting Rosella to join them. It’s certainly nice that not everyone in this land is out to kill her. You can even make small talk with the dwarves for a bit before they leave.


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