King’s Quest IV part 5: Dead from exposure


(This is part of my journey going checking out King’s Quest IV. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

When last we left Rosella, she had been swallowed by a whale and was hanging out with the skeleton of… let’s call it Pinocchio and try not to think too hard about that. Anyway, to get out, she’s got to try to climb this tongue and tickle the whale’s uvula. And there is just about no way that I could type that previous sentence without it sounding dirty. Sorry.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be a Sierra game if there wasn’t some sort of infuriating and near-impossible pathing puzzle, so congrats to King’s Quest IV, you’ve joined the club with the tongue climb. The trick is that Rosella can’t climb straight up — she’s got to start on the side and do a little bit up, a little bit over, and hope against hope that she doesn’t fall. It’s so very, very stupid.


I may have more pride in accomplishing the tongue climb than fathering my children. I will now carry this screenshot in my wallet for all to see.


The whale has taken Rosella to another island — this one looking as though it’s a small ship graveyard of sorts. There’s a golden bridle here, which might come in useful with the whole “unicorn abduction” scheme, provided that I can get back to the mainland.


It was THREE MINUTES. How does someone die of both exposure and thirst in THREE MINUTES? Is she made of paper tissue or something?


So how do I get off? Dolphin express, naturally. Happily I had a dead fish to give to a pelican who gave me a whistle which summoned a dolphin that apparently lives for transporting incognito princesses back to the shore.


Space Quest in-joke! OK, King’s Quest IV, you have briefly amused me. Bravo.


Unicorn bridled and ridden, Rosella takes up the reins of a heroine and leads the beast right into the lair of the evil fairy queen. Well done, lass.


Of course, a fresh unicorn isn’t enough to sate the desires of Lolotte, who now says that Rosella has to go get the goose that lays the golden eggs. Bet that makes great scrambled eggs!


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