World of Warcraft: A singing fish named Murray

I don’t go overboard with screenshotting World of Warcraft these days, but I do take pictures when I get a neat angle, see something different, or want to remember a particular moment. I kick myself that I never saved my screenshot folders from MMOs of the past. Silly Syp.

So here is an assortment of snaps from Draenor and the Gilneas starting zone!


Big ogre and I are not off to a good start in the friendship department. My, what large nipples you have! The better to stun you with, my dear!

w2I has ship. I particularly liked how this was framed against the gorgeous Shadowmoon Valley night sky.

w3Dang, I am in love. Please do not tell my wife.

Why can’t we make characters that look like this? The hat, that type of sword… it hits the spot for me, it does.

w4Help! She’s going to shoot me with square bullets while these two dogs give me disagreeable looks!

w5Gilneas is such an awesome region. Feels a shame we move through it so fast and that stunning buildings such as this cathedral are only used lightly.

Also? I think that this fawn is going to mug me.

w6How did the deer get the best of me? It’s a mastermind, I tells ya!

w7Every time I’m sent up to this tree on a quest, I have to stop for a screenshot. Simply too pretty, especially with the rain falling.

w8Blizzard totally missed an opportunity to have this fish suddenly start singing to me, possibly about an unrequited love with a murloc on the shoals.

One thought on “World of Warcraft: A singing fish named Murray

  1. I love Gilneas. Fantastic zone.

    You can get that sword model as a player, or one very close to it. I don’t think it’s even that hard to get — you should be able to find low level greens with that model on the AH, if memory serves. You can’t wield it two-handed, though, and I think the hat is exclusive to that NPC.

    Personally I’m more of a Lorna Crowley man.

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