Star Trek Online and Chronicles of Elyria


I might have mentioned this before, but back in high school I was downright obsessed about Star Trek. It was one of the escapes I had to cope with those rocky years, and for a good stretch there I was about as deep into this franchise as you could get without getting surgery to alter my ears and appear to be a Vulcan.

I liked the newer series, of course, but I had a particular fondness for Kirk and the original show. Collected all of the novels, watched all of the episodes numerous times, etc. And while I’ve long passed that obsession era, I guess there will always be a part of my heart that cheers at seeing TOS represent.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Star Trek Online announce that its third expansion would be going back to the TOS period with Agents of Yesterday. It wouldn’t be the first time that this happened in the game — I recall that there was a mission or two that sent you back in time to meet Scotty and defend the Enterprise — but this looks to be a more extensive exploration of that period. That’s pretty dang cool, in my book.

All of the details aren’t out about it, but Cryptic is making it sound as though you can roll up a new captain in this era and play in it versus just visit it from the future. This all comes in time for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, so it’s a well-played move that appeals to nostalgia and might get the game some needed publicity in the mainstream press. Plus, with the new Trek series coming out next year, might as well dip into the past now before heading into the future.

It did get me to roll up a new captain last night, a punk-haired Bajoran. I didn’t have a lot of time to play, but it’s been on my to do list to revisit STO and play up through all of the new content.


I’ve wanted to talk about Chronicles of Elyria this week, so might as well squeeze that in before the weekend. I’m really amazed how well this title is doing with its Kickstarter campaign — sometimes you never know how strong a game is going to go when it launches these things, and Elyria didn’t exactly have the biggest team or any super-well-known developers attached. It wasn’t even really on my radar before a week or two ago; many of these indie MMOs seem so much alike that they blur together.

What set this title apart from its competition for fans? It’s not like this is the only upstart game out there with a bundle of pie-in-the-sky ideas, and its look — while pretty enough — looks so much like all of these other indie brewed games that I have a hard time seeing why this is taking off while others have floundered. I mean, if it makes $900K, that’ll be the original goal of Crowfall, if I recall correctly. And Crowfall had some big names attached and a very distinct art style going for it.

It’s an ambitious title, and I definitely like some of its concepts, such as aging/dying and map exploration. Looks pretty too, although the campaign is strangely reusing a LOT of clips from The Princess Bride as examples of its combat and movement.

I guess I didn’t realize it had this big of a community, but well over $500K now and 4,733 backers shows that the team had done something right in laying down the foundation for this campaign. It definitely looks good for them funding, and a strong MMO success on Kickstarter is worth a lot of free publicity. I’m trying to be frugal right now and save up all I can, so I probably won’t back, but it’s on my watch list to try out even with the allergy-inducing “chronicles” moniker.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Online and Chronicles of Elyria

  1. bhagpuss May 6, 2016 / 9:47 am

    Chronicles of Elyria is pretty much a portmanteau of everything I do NOT want in an MMO. I don’t want my characters to age or change appearance. I don’t want them to die and then become part of a legacy family. I don’t want a legacy family, period. I don’t want to have to dodge or parry or otherwise faff about in combat – I DO want just to spam buttons.

    I don’t want my character to be online doing these things when I’m not there to see it and I ‘m not tired of seeing other players come to kill the same 20 bunnies I just killed for a quest. I like seeing that. That is why I am playing an MMO not a single player RPG.

    I DO want a proper World Map and a mini-map. I definitely don’t want player made maps that are intentionally incorrect and that will lead me into an ambush. Above all I do not want to be entering into “binding agreements” with other players in a video game.

    I’m more than happy for Soulbound Studios to develop and produce this game and I hope they’re very successful with it because nothing would please me more than for all the people who DO want to play an MMO with those features to go somewhere well away from me to enjoy them and keep them well the heck away from anything I’m playing!

  2. wolfyseyes May 6, 2016 / 10:09 am

    I am very eager for CoE because, for some reason, a lot of its design ideas I absolutely dig. The idea of a character dying one year already lines up with my short-term goals playstyle, and the sense of persistence feels could be a lot more tangible than games out now. With that, Saga of Lucimia and Camelot Unchained coming doen, the possible tidal shift of MMO’s is seriously exciting to watch foem.

    I entered Trek on the TNG era, but the STO game as it is now doesn’t really appeal. This new expansion sounds like it might hit that real Trek feel for me. We’ll see as details reveal.

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