Star Trek Online: A new five-year mission


Ever since the expansion announcement — and a little before, to be honest — I’ve been wanting to partake in my annual pilgrimage back to Star Trek Online. When I want a “different” MMO experience, this is where I go. A bit of ship combat, some interesting quests/lore, and a party ground combat segment.

And as I always do, I started a brand-new character because I am too fragile to handle the re-entry of my high-level captains with all of their buttons and questionable mission chain status. Plus, I wanted to check out the new skill system as I leveled up.

This time around, I created an Andorian Engineer and gave her a Jupiter uniform that I thought was rather sharp. I ran her and her ship the U.S.S. Denver through the first few familiar missions, getting back into the groove of phaser return fire and launching my Del Taco shuttle every chance I get.


The Denver had seen better days…

While I was doing all of this, I was catching up on a couple episodes of the Priority One Podcast. There’s something infectious about the enthusiasm of the STO community. This is one of those MMOs where people have settled into their online home and haven’t budged, so for some, STO is the world entire. That forges a double-edged sword, of course: for all of the excitement and passion, there’s also a lot of rage and insanity over anything Cryptic does that displeases the mob.

It feels like I’ve gone up to the door of a clubhouse and am timidly knocking on it, seeking to gain access to a group of players that are really tight. I haven’t found a fleet yet, but it’s still in the early days, so we’ll see how it goes this week.

It’s going to be very interesting to watch how many players get into the retro-themed expansion. From what I heard, TOS captains will be able to access the “modern” galaxy at some point — and current captains should be able to go back to that era, since Cryptic said it doesn’t want to fragment its playerbase. I have no idea how popular TOS is with the Star Trek crowd these days, but it’s a great idea for the 50th anniversary and I’ll definitely want to take a peek at it when it arrives.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: A new five-year mission

  1. Nick May 11, 2016 / 12:08 pm

    I keep wanting to jump back in and do some stuff, but I’m very on the fence about the expansion. The game had become one huge grind feel eventually, especially any endgame, and every time I try to get back, I just get tired of trying to earn up DIL or doing those Nimbus quests again.

    I like having my existing characters, which is probably my biggest question mark. I’d rather go through a lot of my existing stuff and find more interesting stuff to do with the fleet of ships I have mothballed, and get back to the core of Star Trek, than go and revisit the TOS stuff again.

    I’m sure it will have decent quality, and don’t want to trash on their stuff… it’s just not pressing the buttons I’d like in the game, and seems to be side-stepping the very real problems that the game has to introduce something new.

  2. Gamera977 May 11, 2016 / 12:32 pm

    I’m interested in seeing what they do with this, TOS is far and away my favorite version. It just seems to project a more frontier feeling and sense of wonder than the newer settings.

    I seem to feel like Nick, I don’t play much anymore since my PC is maxed out and it does feel like a grind. Maybe I’ll create another captain. We’ll see how it goes.

    BTW: Syp are you not playing the Marvel superhero game anymore? I miss the adventures of Squirrel Girl.

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