The Secret World: Digging too deep


With yet another investigation mission out this week, I feel the quests stacking up in my to-do list for Yeti while I want to get back to doing the Secret Adventures series. One thing at a time, one step at a time. Can’t let the enormity of the task shy me away from it.

We start today’s adventures by returning to the City of the Sun God after finding out some about the tremors coming from the Ankh. The statues are rightly freaking out about all of it, lost without a plan, and feeling downright vulnerable. The little boy statue falls over but I catch it in time. Syp, professional statue grabber, at your service.

When clever investigation comes to naught, what’s left is the back alley way of being a detective: beating up enough bad guys until you punch your way to the truth. Or, in this case, cultists. It’s certainly been a while since I’ve played Yeti this much, and my shotgun maneuvering is somewhat rusty. I looked over my build and found it really solid, although I did swap in a passive healing talent for some extra survival. I also found a new hammer closer I’ve never used before that uses my strike synergy, and ever since using it fights have gone a lot more smoothly.

The fights aren’t particularly hard here, not for a QL10.X character, but there are a couple of mobs that give particular trouble. There are cultists who throw grenades that take off a surprising chunk of health, and even worse, there are suicide bombers that fling themselves at you. I had to stay nimble during these encounters, no mean feat when my computer keeps stuttering this bad.


Turns out that the cultists are doing some dynamite excavation in the nearby caves — which also happen to be populated by ghouls. It was heartening to see these mobs tear at each other for once.

I got a small laugh out of the fact that I was asked to “dispose” of some explosives here, something that I had to do by shooting a shotgun repeatedly into crates of dynamite. That… is probably not a smart idea. And even after all of that, there are no answers. The cultists were digging for something, which probably has to do with the tremors, but we still don’t know what.


Back to one of the statue-children, where the dad is reading the story of Aladdin to them. I had forgotten that Issue 14 was Arabian Nights-themed (most TSW issues have a theme to them, which is yet another creative aspect of this game).

The game does a neat interlude here, where the story is told against wonderfully illustrated screens. I was told that Aladdin’s ring has some basis in reality, as one of the rings of Solomon that could command jinn and allow the user to talk to animals. Better than Frodo’s ring, I say!


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