World of Warcraft: My Legion checklist


The countdown is real, folks. With Legion’s beta started already and about 3.5 months left until the launch, there suddenly doesn’t seem to be enough time for everything I want to do. I’ve chastised myself for messing around with several alts over the past few weeks instead of focusing on what needs to be done, so last night I decided that enough was enough — I needed to get organized and buckle down.

With my Hunter more or less all done with Draenor and geared up so that she can start Legion with no issues. my attention’s turned to my Death Knight. I’m still figuring out her battle rotation, since there are so many attacks that spew out curses and I don’t know if I’ve picked the best ones.

Anyway, I drew up a checklist of what I want to accomplish with her before Legion goes live, and so I share that with you:

  • Finish the entire Draenor questing series (only one zone in)
  • Gear up via raid finder and timewalking dungeons (currently ilevel 640)
  • Continue to look for places to farm to make money — I’ve found one really nice spot that churns out frostweave cloth like crazy, which is selling for 3g apiece on the AH, so I can usually make about a thousand an hour if I’m bored
  • Unlock the ship yard and look into doing more ship missions for money
  • Go back to Northrend/Mists of Pandaria to run quests just to see them and to get some more transmog gear
  • Buy her fastest flying skill

Money-wise, I’m sitting on about 40,000g, which is almost enough to buy a WoW token. I don’t really have much else I need gold for at the moment, yet I hate the thought of resetting my money counter to zero.


2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: My Legion checklist

  1. Tesh May 13, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    WoW tokens are about all I spend gold on. Repairs, too, I guess. If I could use it to pay for a character server move, I’d save up for that, too.

    I’m in a similar position game-wise, though. One capped character puttering around in his garrison, another newly at 100, trying to get that garrison churning out gold. Trying to finish up Draenor quests and rep so I can fly, hitting old raids to see what I missed, that sort of thing.

    It’s kind of nice to coast sometimes, but I feel like I’m deep in the “repeat content” phase instead of the exploration phase, even though I have some questlines I can finish still. As such, enthusiasm wanes.

  2. Ryan May 18, 2016 / 1:34 pm

    The most straightforward way to make gold these days is to run Heroic 25-man cataclysm raids. If you have around 700 ilevel you can run any of the Cataclysm raids in 30 minutes or less – depending on the raid and RNG, you can earn 1k-2k gold for each raid. Doing these weekly on a couple characters, coupled with garrisons will easily make you the 40k/month for a token.

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