King’s Quest V part 4: The dark and spooky forest


(This is part of my journey going checking out King’s Quest V. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Graham and Cedric arrive at the entrance of a dark and rather forboding forest. I know this because of the considerate “Enter at your own risk!” sign at its entrance. I wonder if the sign-maker put these all around the forest at every possible egress. Well, I’ve survived bears, ants, and Cedric’s whining, so I’m not too concerned.


Cedric (naturally) freaks out about the thought of going into the forest, so he wimps out and stays behind. Seriously, owl, are you good for anything other than to give some poor intern a paycheck for voicing you?

In the forest, Graham wanders down a path until a witch shows up and abruptly turns him into a frog. I love this game over graphic — the fact that the frog has the same jaunty hat and Graham’s clothes endears me to the artists so much.


Since there’s no avoiding the Frog Blast(tm) of the witch, there must be another way to avoid amphibification. Turns out that wearing the magic amulet that the fortune teller gave Graham effectively shields him from the spell. Graham returns the favor by gifting the brass bottle to the witch, which she uses and gets trapped inside by the vengeful genie.

Well… anyone want to plunder a witch’s house?

Her house sits on a platform suspended over a vent of steam and flames. Not… the best place for a house, but I guess if you’re a witch you have a reputation to maintain. Unless you’re a candy witch! Those ladies rock. I find a key, a bag of jewels, and a spinning wheel in her small home. Guess kleptomania runs in the royal family blood.


I didn’t mention this before, but apparently once you go into the dark forest, there’s no apparent way out. The path behind you closes up and finding an exit becomes one of your goals. This is accomplished, naturally, by elf-baiting.


Graham lures an elf out of the woods by dropping emeralds from the witch’s pouch like they were Reese’s Pieces. Finally he douses the last emerald with honey, which the short-sighted elf walks right into. Graham then holds the little ball of annoyance hostage until he leads him out of the woods. Also, Graham gets a pair of shoes (?) in exchange for the emeralds. Dude, I think the elf just ripped you off. Typical.


One thing I’ve noticed about King’s Quest V so far is that due to the new mouse interface, the game is a LOT more item-oriented than in previous installments. Instead of figuring out what text command to type in, it’s more of the “find the item and then figure out where to use the item” done in various ways.

So here Graham’s left the forest, reunited with Mrs. Doubtfire-talking Cedric, and encountered a weeping willow. Which is actually weeping, so much so that its made a pond of her tears. She also plays a harp, which she best not drop or else spend eternity staring at it on the ground.


Tree-girl here says she used to be a princess (good thing too, otherwise Graham wouldn’t give her the time of day). One day she was walking along with her prince and the witch got jealous and turned her into a tree, took out her heart, and transformed it into gold. Then the prince got banished to a far-off country and she was left playing the blues.

Well, Graham so happens to have a golden heart in his messy inventory, so here you go, enjoy life with skin and two legs again. I thought it was funny that the second she transformed back, she threw away her harp and her prince instantly showed up like he was waiting just off-screen. They leave and Graham is up one harp.


One thought on “King’s Quest V part 4: The dark and spooky forest

  1. wolfyseyes May 15, 2016 / 11:20 pm

    Oh, adventure game logic. You will never, ever fail to amaze.

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