Star Trek Online: Deja vu and ghosties


I fear not ghosts, I fear them not.

These are the voyages of the starship Funky Lizard. It’s strange mission: To retread missions that I’ve done a few times before, but just long enough ago so that they exude deja vu instead of boredom.

I always thought that the Devidian missions in the early levels of Star Trek Online was an odd placement. Don’t get me wrong — these are fantastic missions, full of story-telling, scares, atmosphere, and even time travel. But they have little to do with Klingons (as this takes place in the Klingon arc) and take a strong tonal shift away from that classic Trek feel for a trip to scaresville. I had totally forgotten about the “Bonnykins” guy until last night. A really fun mission to play when the lights are out, I’ll say.

Of course, you can’t be THAT scared when you’re packing a minigun and have four officers flanking you with other high-tech artillery. Fear has to be the mind-killer, because it sure ain’t going to be the body-killer.


Even though it all feels familiar, I don’t mind at all. I’ve always liked going back through the starting experiences of old favorites, reacquainting myself and building up a new legend. I’d like to say that I’m branching out and trying new things, but in truth I’m still gravitating toward science vessels. I’m sorry, but they’re just cooler than practically everything else on the Federation side.

There’s something about the combination of activities in this game — space battles, ground battles, and thoughtful mission investigation — that keeps it from getting dull and stale. Second to The Secret World, Star Trek Online is a game that’s kept me mentally on my toes with some of its missions. That’s pretty admirable for “just” text boxes for most of the quest developments.

I’m already thinking far ahead to an endgame ship. If there’s a way to earn one in the upcoming summer event, I might have to go for that, because there’s no way that I can save up enough zen for a 3,000-point ship (I have a whopping 147 so far), and I’m trying to be a little frugal these days.


I did experiment a little with my crew’s outfits. Went with skin-tight armor this time around, giving each crew member their own color scheme. So far I like it!

I haven’t found a fleet yet, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open. Sector chat is always interesting these days (kind of wish I could keep it turned on during missions… have to look into that). Saw a lot of folks griping about Star Trek Online’s console announcement, which I thought was forehead-slapping silly. Yes, I get you’re protective of your game and any change will no doubt bring its demise, but I can’t help but see this as a really good thing for Star Trek Online. Why?

  • It shows that Perfect World has a lot of confidence in your product to give the go-ahead for a console version
  • It will open up new revenue streams, which help to ensure the game’s continued existence and growth
  • It will expand the game’s audience — as Neverwinter’s console edition did
  • It comes at a good time, with the new expansion on the way and the 50th anniversary
  • It gives the game a good excuse for a visual upgrade, which it’s getting in the form of improved lighting

So stop pouting and embrace the future, ya knuckleheads.

From what I’ve heard, console players won’t be on the PC megaserver, so there’s no fear that the sullied Xbox players will contaminate the PC master race. Whew. Bullet dodged.

It will be incredibly interesting to see how STO is adapted for consoles, since I’ve certainly ended up with more buttons than a standard controller has (I’ve heard radial menus). But yeah, I can see it — space combat isn’t twitchy, and ground combat has the option between traditional and shooter modes.

For now, I’ll keep trekking through the main storyline, and with all luck I’ll be into new stuff by mid-summer.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: Deja vu and ghosties

  1. Telwyn May 16, 2016 / 10:02 am

    Interesting comments about the missions and the mention of TSW. I’ve only played the Klingon story arc but have found STO to have an unusually high emphasis on story and investigation compared to most MMOs. Sure there’s plenty of combat both in space and ground-side but the missions often feature a good amount of non-combat content too.

    Do you know if the Fed-side is similarly balanced?

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards May 16, 2016 / 10:18 am

    Meaningless but amusing coincidence:

    I’ve been rewatching some TNG lately, and I just got around to “Time’s Arrow” — the one that introduces the Devidians — last night.

    Also, I’ve been feeling a mild temptation to give ST:O another go lately, and you’re not helping with that. I’ve got enough games to play already, dagnabbit!

  3. Skoryy May 16, 2016 / 10:53 am

    You used to play City of Heroes, if I remember right? We might be able to get you into the Paragon Expeditionary Force then, we’re the STO fleet for wayward heroes and villains. 😉

    And I highly endorse sci ships, I’m puttering with putting together an endgame Nova build myself. Once you grok how all the sci magic works together, its pretty goshdarn fun. 2700 zen can get you a T5U Nova, Luna, or Flying Golfball. 3200 zen for the T5U Vesta, which is still IMO the best sci ship in the game.

  4. Ocho May 16, 2016 / 2:35 pm

    I remember when it came out, this was originally STO’s fall content with the Bonnykins episode being released right in time for Halloween. They eventually shunted it into the Klingon arc for… reasons, I guess… as you say, it really doesn’t belong there, but it’s not big enough to have an arc of it’s own or come close to the theming of other arcs.

    Maybe if they just brought it back for the Halloween season? Nah… being STO, they would then need some 30 day grind to go along with it. 😛

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