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Guest post: Faeldray’s Eclectic Game Music Mix


While Syp is away on vacation this week, enjoy this guest post from Faeldray of Lair of the Wolf Dragon. After you’re done, check out his blog. Don’t worry, he won’t bite!

Greetings folks! This is Faeldray from Lair of the Wolf Dragon and I’m here subbing for Syp while he adventures in the strange place known as The Outdoors. I hope he doesn’t get eaten by a bear or something.

Since Syp loves video game music, particularly from MMOs, I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite tracks from my soundtrack collection. I don’t have nearly as many MMOs on my list but I hope you’ll enjoy the music nonetheless.

Let’s start with a game that I’m pretty sure Syp has a soft spot for, considering that he has over 400 posts tagged as Lord of the Rings Online.

The time I spent in LOTRO wasn’t very long so I never made it far enough to see Rohan. But I remember it from the movies and from the first time I heard the uillean pipes, I was in love. Combined with violins, Theme for Rohan is a beautiful melody that makes me think of fire-lit castle walls and racing across rolling hills and plains that never seem to end.

The soundtrack for Dying Light is both unusual and interesting, and Passage is a great example of it. I feel like the composer took at least some of his inspiration from the Resident Evil movies theme. It takes classical instruments and mixes them with electronic music, even distorting them so that they sometimes sound a little off. It’s a game that’s filled with action and a lot of unease (there are zombies everywhere after all). And the violin solos—those are for the heart-breaking moments when you see the suffering that the people of Harran have been through.

More violins! Sensing a pattern here? Dune from Runescape is far, far too short in my opinion. I wish I could hear more of the instruments playing off one another because I think it could have gotten even more intricate and breathtaking.

A Story About My Uncle might be a 3D platformer/puzzle game but that doesn’t mean that there’s no time to stand around and take in the beauty of the world. Without giving away too much, A Sign of Life is what you hear when you come across a sleepy and very unusual little village where you certainly weren’t expecting one. This track does an excellent job of conveying the sense of wonder that you feel as you explore all its nooks and crannies.

Starbound is one of those games that I really need to play more. At this point, the time I’ve spent listening to the awesome soundtrack is likely many times more than I’ve actually spent in game. I have quite a few tracks that I enjoy from this game but my very favorite is I was the Sun (Before it was Cool). The Chinese music combined with the country western twang reminds me a lot of Firefly/Serenity, and it’s just an upbeat tune overall.

Aveline, the protagonist in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, walks between worlds in more ways than one. Not only is she both a lady and a skilled assassin, but she also has a mixed heritage: French and African. Main Theme does an amazing job of weaving the two together: a operatic female singer contrasted with deep male chanting, and classical instruments combined with fast-paced drumming. This really is her song.

Planet Explorers is still in early access so it doesn’t have an official OST yet. It already has the beginnings of one though. To the New World has been using in some of their trailers and captures so many of the aspects of the game: exploration, survival, creating, and fighting. If you’d like to hear more of this music from the game, I’ve created a playlist on Youtube.

It’s been so long since I played Siege of Avalon that I don’t have a clue where in the game that I heard The Alchemist. But as soon as I did, I remembered exploring the vast Avalon citadel and its environs. It’s not a terribly happy place when you’re there and the melancholy is apparently in this track. There are no chosen hero here; it is a story about just trying to survive and do what you can to turn the tide of a war.

If you’ve made it to the end of the Summer in Stardew Valley, you’ve experienced the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies. I never thought pixelated jellyfish would be so awe-inspiring but this track adds so much to the sense of beauty and wonder. I look forward to this festival every in-game summer.

And for the finale, I have a small tribute to Lionhead Studio, the developers who gave us the Fable series and now is sadly no more. The first Fable game I played was Fable 2 actually and one of the first locations I was sent to was Bowerlake. The track for it is so soulful and haunting that I would come back in-game time and time again just to hear it. If there was ever a song that exemplified nostalgia for me, this would be it.

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