Princess Bride and turning 40

IMG_9153My wife, ever sneaky and loving that she is, threw me a sort-of surprise birthday party last Saturday morning. Sort-of because she knows I hate surprise parties, so instead she rented out a movie theater, invited friends and church family, and we watched a showing of The Princess Bride together.

It was pretty sweet — never seen it on the big screen before, and my two oldest kids hadn’t seen it at all (my son was NOT a fan of the My wife had cupcakes made with “As you wish” and Dread Pirate Roberts masks on them, and one friend stitched me a six-fingered glove. Jealous? I bet you are.

It’s great to be a geek sometimes.

8 thoughts on “Princess Bride and turning 40

  1. That’s an amazing birthday gift from an amazing wife.
    And, by the way: Happy Birthday 🙂

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