The great GOG summer sale is now on like a discounted Donkey Kong


Over the past month or so I’ve been trying to be frugal with my money because I’m saving up for a new computer. Yes, I’ve officially given up on the one I “built” last year — I couldn’t figure out its issues, even with some upgrades and several consultations with IT people. I just want and need a machine that plays MMOs well. So I’m selling some of my random toys on Craigslist and have cut way down on any spending (which is why I was so keen on earning some free World of Warcraft subscription time).

Then comes the GOG summer sale and my resolve weakens, although it doesn’t falter entirely. I definitely have more than enough games stocked up in my purchased library to keep my retro games series going for a couple of years, but there are a few titles that I’ve wanted and are on sale right now. So I’m giving myself permission to buy two games that I think I’ll be covering sooner than later — and ones that really belong in my collection.

These are Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and X-Com: UFO Defense. Have a preference which one I should play through first?

GOG always experiments with its sales, and I actually really like how the company is doing it this time around. In addition to single game and bundled game discounts, you can earn a few free games through it. They’re giving away System Shock 2 to anyone who claims it through the GOG Galaxy client, so that’s a no brainer if you don’t have it. There are three other games that can be earned by gaining “XP” through various activities: Spelunky, Gabriel Knight 1, and Dreamfall Chapters. I don’t need any of these, but I got Spelunky already for buying the above games, so I guess that’s cool.

Currently my GOG library collection sits at 185 titles. Out of those, I have played and blogged about… 34 of them. To be fair, there are several games in the 185 that were either freebies that I will never play, ones outside of the retro gaming category, unpackaged bundles, and various editions (such as two versions of the original X-Wing flight sim). I just wrapped up King’s Quest V and I am prepping my next game already (it’s a surprise — and it’s not King’s Quest VI!).

I’m also fiddling with the idea of starting a YouTube channel for my retro game series. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a bit but will take a little learning and set up. Trying to figure out if it’s really doable — to record gameplay, splice together clips, and provide narration over it.


3 thoughts on “The great GOG summer sale is now on like a discounted Donkey Kong

  1. othnieltcs June 9, 2016 / 12:41 pm

    I’ve been playing through the new X-COM, so my vote is for that! Especially if you take the time to name the soldiers 😆

  2. Jeromai June 9, 2016 / 8:32 pm

    I’m going to recommend Bloodlines. Your preferences strike me as being more fond of roleplaying immersion than tactical turn-based combat.

    The older X-Com games are more cryptic and high difficulty (I tried one or two without context or prior nostalgic background and couldn’t last very long, the newer X-Com 1 and 2 are much easier to get into.)

  3. Gamera977 June 10, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    If that’s the Vampire game by Troika I’d also strongly recommend the game with some reservations. Personally I think the whole Vampire setting by White Wolf is really cheesy and goofy but it’s a great game. One of the first major quests where you investigate the haunted hotel is almost worth the price of the game itself. No monsters, just lots of creepy atmosphere!

    On the down side it’s probably one of the more offensive games I’ve played. All the female NPCs dress like hookers. There are only three black male NPCs in the game, two of which are criminals. Oddly there are no black women in the game at all as far as I can remember! There are several Asian characters that might raise eyebrows. Plus you’ve got several lame political cracks and the vampire hunters are played off as the fanatical ‘Christian’ jihadist types you only see in Hollywood movies (never met ANYONE like this in real life).

    Also you’ve got loads and loads of language. The NPC of Smilin’ Jack who guides you though the tutorial drops an F-bomb about every other word. I swear I wanted to grab the guy and wash his mouth out with soap before I was done. And you’ll encounter quite a few more F-bombs, GDIs and other language throughout the game. Just wait till your kids go to bed before you boot this one up.

    And the whole setting is grey to black morally. Pretty much the best character from an ethical standpoint you can play came off to me as what D&D would call neutral at best. You can do good deeds here and there but the overall plot is pretty dark. Many of the quests you’ll get stuck picking from the least awful option.

    All in all you’d think I hated this game, oddly enough I liked it a great deal but can’t say I loved it. Most of the offensive stuff the game I just rolled over since the setting is so silly. And it does have some great characters, it’s years since I played this and I still vividly remember most of the NPCs. The chunky security guard who has the sweets for you if you play a female PC was an absolute riot. Most of the bad guys are thugs and gang-bangers but there are some really cool and creepy monsters. There is a pretty darn good storyline with some neat quests. Plus several different endings based on what faction you align with. The character generation and level-up system are well designed. And though there are some great fights going for a high charisma and fast-talk ability allows you to slip past many of them.

    As said I’d recommend the game strongly, just know what you’re getting into. And again, probably best to play without the kids in the room.

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