The Secret World: Going on a genie hunt


Has it really been almost a month since I last played The Secret World? It’s been crazy, yo. Time to get back in and continue to make my way through a few of the more recent quests (read: “missions released months ago but Syp is a pokey puppy”). Had to actually look up what I was doing before because the story has escaped my age-addled mind.

Okay. Gotcha. Here we go: We’re still investigating the source of all of these supernatural earth tremors, and Ptahmose — ever-helpful chap that he is — says perhaps I should tap the local Jinn for some answers. Since they’re “in touch with the earth” and all.

If I don’t get to rub any lamps and get three wishes from this mission, I am going to be put out.

My Jinn excursion begins with a beatdown of a local tough. I’ll tell you, it’s so nice to go back to the earlier zones with a solid build and quality equipment. Fighting is almost — almost — fun. The Jinn drops a page with a vague inscription that basically tells me to go on a scavenger hunt to piece together four ring pieces and save Middle-earth forever.


It all leads me to this guy, Mr. Charming Fire-Breather. He actually surprised me, because in the middle of the fight I guess I stood in the wrong place and he one-shotted me for 2100 damage. Oof. Some days I wish The Secret World was like most MMOs in that you end up stacking up an elephant’s worth of hit points instead of flatlining around the 2-5k range.


Ain’t that a pretty ring? Time to go propose marriage to the only friendly Jinn in town, Amir!

Amir is actually incensed I went through all of the trouble to get him the ring of power, freezing me in place and then fireballing me as punishment. Geez, with friends like this, who needs the Filth? So to appease him, I ditch this hard-earned ring and go find him an Atenist to burn to death.


This guy ends up being more trouble than he’s worth. You know how we complain about regular escort missions, where you have to follow and protect a suicidal NPC? A variant on that is when you have to escort a prisoner who keeps trying to escape, usually with the help of some outside friends. The trip back to Amir was fraught with peril and two — TWO — instances of when the prisoner would “cheap shot” me and run away. The first time, I could understand. But why was I not given the option to club him unconscious after that and drag him back?


Amir is only slightly more pleased with the prisoner than the ring. I guess it’s enough, because he then goes into this epic-long whiny rant about how the Jinn have it so hard, being made servants of monkeys and Filth creatures. Sifting through the whine, I learn that the forced Jinn rituals have something to do with the tremors. To crack the case, I’m going to need to learn more about these rituals.


2 thoughts on “The Secret World: Going on a genie hunt

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards June 9, 2016 / 11:27 am

    Amir is awesome. So glad they brought him back.

  2. Sylow June 10, 2016 / 8:47 am

    Hmm. Awesome is not exactly the word I would associate with him. But it’s interesting, whenever I have to deal with him, I quickly conclude that demons are actually not that bad… *grin*

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