Star Trek Online: Beach party on Risa


Even when I was fully into my Star Trek phase, I can’t ever recall being entertained by any of the Risa episodes. Trek tried to make this planet out to be some kind of ultimate tropical resort, although it didn’t seem particularly better or worse than any nice Florida beach.

What really turned me off to these episodes is that they usually tried to bring out sex and humor in them, two topics that Trek almost always floundered in approaching. Juvenile jokes and Ferengi passing around tiki statues to try to get some action… no thanks. Made me embarrassed to watch.

So normally I wouldn’t make the journey out to Risa in Star Trek Online, everyone in the community really talks up the summer event as being this can’t-miss thing. Plus, it’s one of the very few times of the year where you can earn a high-tier ship without paying money, and Syp is all about the freebies. This year’s ship is a T6 escort that doesn’t look great nor horrible. Very alien-ish, although it does appear to have a cool console that could go great in my other ship.


I beamed down last night to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. As expected, it’s a very pretty resort-type zone that oozes relaxation and vacation vibes. While it was my first time there, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out how things worked. Basically, there are a rotating series of events through which you can earn favor, a currency to spend in a special store. I did an artifact hunt (not fun) and a dance party (more enjoyable if repetitive), but the store offerings weren’t particularly thrilling, so I can’t see doing a lot more of that.

The other activity is taking a jet pack (floater) out for a ride along some tracks in the sky. This is a once-per-day activity that nets the other event currency, and it’s this currency that’s used to buy the T6 ship. You only get 40 a day and need 1,000 for the ship, so you do the math. That’s like a month of regularly logging in to do the same track over and over again. It took about three minutes, so that’s not terrible, but 24 more days? I might come to deeply resent it.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t get my Back to the Future hoverboard to work. Maybe I need to use it in a different area, but even after equipping it on Risa, the icon was grey.

I might explore some more of Risa in the coming nights, but my captain isn’t here to lounge around — she wants adventure, and lots of it. There’s less than a month to go before the expansion and plenty to do in that time that isn’t sandcastle-related, such as fighting a Borg war.


3 thoughts on “Star Trek Online: Beach party on Risa

  1. Ocho June 10, 2016 / 11:52 am

    I love STO, but if there’s one thing that ends up turning me off about STO, it’s those holiday grinds. Usually during the anniversary event where they give away a ship there’s the latest mission to complete, which cuts that grind time in half. Here’s hoping something like that here, too. 25 days is a crazy amount to ask, if they actually want people to keep playing their game afterward.

  2. Shintar June 11, 2016 / 5:17 am

    I think crazy grinds are just a Cryptic thing. Neverwinter has them too.

  3. ashtail June 11, 2016 / 6:09 am

    To use any of hover boards you nee to be in water – they won’t work on ground.

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