VGM of the Day: Super Mario Bros. 2

I often feel that Super Mario Bros. 2 doesn’t get the respect these days as a “proper” entry into the Mario franchise, being an altered version of another game and all. Yet we played it like crazy back in the 80s, and I have a particular fondness for it — and its music.

Talk about a chirpy, cheery, and catchy theme! Can’t stop hearing this in my head once I’ve played it.

I imagine that this music plays anytime I accomplish something awesome, which is quite frequent.

We would beg — BEG — our cousin TJ to quickly beat the game so we could hear this theme. The lullaby earworm makes me insanely happy.


2 thoughts on “VGM of the Day: Super Mario Bros. 2

  1. CheapBossAttack June 23, 2016 / 12:50 am

    I played SMB2 more than any of the 3 NES games. I think because it was so different and had unique characters that all played differently, I was more drawn to it. The dream-like level design (explained in the ending, of course) was memorable, I loved the idea of actual boss fights, and still to this day if I find myself wanting to re-live the NES magic, I go straight to SMB2.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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