Star Trek Online: Spheres of Influence

I’m at a very happy point in my Star Trek Online career: I’m finally as far as I’ve ever been, which means from here on out it’s all brand-new missions to complete. And there are a lot of them too, since I’ve got the Dyson Sphere series, the Delta Rising expansion, the Iconian War, and the Future Proof missions. Plus, y’know, the new expansion coming out in a week or two here.

It’s enough to keep me and the crew of the Rain Bunny quite busy.

The first of these “new” missions was Sphere of Influence. This had me head over to New Romulus to help those peeps activate an Iconian gateway, despite the vibes and Worf practically shouting “THIS IS GOING TO END VERY VERY BADLY.”

Also, I’ve lost track of who are our friends and enemies. I thought we were just fighting against the Romulans and Klingons, but here are best of friends. I’m not really tracking the alliances and factions very well, I fear.

Anyway, surprise surprise, things end very badly. The newly activated gate starts bringing the cavern down on us, so everyone leaps through the gateway into some unknown facility. There, according to horror movie law, we all split up and start getting picked off one by one. One guy gets his blood replaced by synthetic something, which isn’t as helpful for living as you would think.

Eventually we come out onto a series of floating platforms, which is easily the visual highlight of the mission. It’s quite well-done, too, as the sky keeps shifting to show you different major planets of the galaxy and the dire plans that the Iconians have for them, like gentrification on Earth.


“Hey Worf? I think it’s time to boogie out of here. The enemy has formed a raid team — and we’re the boss target.”

This mission was so long, in fact, that the first night I was playing it I logged off in the middle of it and found my progress reset about 20 minutes back. Alas.

Eventually we steal a carrier and destroy a space gateway to keep a fleet from invading or somesuch. I thought it was pretty amusing that the game was then giving me a tutorial on using carrier ships, even though the Rain Bunny is one. Launching fighters, you say? How novel!

One thought on “Star Trek Online: Spheres of Influence

  1. Green Dragoon June 23, 2016 / 9:55 am

    A lot of the political shifting alliance is explained if you play a Romulan character. The short version is, a group of civilian and ex-military Romulans, led by D’Tan (of TNG “Reunification” fame) break away from the Star Empire to form their own more democratic/less oppressive government. They discover and settle a new homeworld, called New Romulus. However, because of it’s close proximity, to both Klingon and Federation space, they form alliances with both factions. This puts the Republic in the unique position of being friends with both factions despite the Federation-Klingon War.

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