Music Mondays: Vanguard

Welcome to Music Mondays here at Bio Break! The idea is to pick a game or franchise every week — MMO, retro, or otherwise — and post a quick and dirty mix of my favorite tracks.

Going to start with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. My fellow Battle Bards didn’t really take a shine to this OST the way I did, but hey, their loss 🙂 I always thought it was a charming fantasy soundtrack that exuded the beauty of this now-dead land.

Brightwood Dells is a neat forest piece — a little haunting, a little magical, and (in my opinion) memorable. Very synthy, which is something you get with this soundtrack, but I don’t mind.

Music for sneaking around a school of magic? Great atmosphere with this one.

With a title like “bamboo forest” I would have expected a lot more eastern-style sound, but instead it’s a rather pretty, pensive track that mixes the two hemispheres together. The deep “THRUM” sounds are quite interesting.

We simply don’t have enough grotto music in our lives.

Lots of parts and transitions here, but by far my favorite is the flute/percussion duo that emerges after a minute or so. I’m still whistling it.

2 thoughts on “Music Mondays: Vanguard

  1. Random thought: Are you familiar at all with Ancient Space? Not sure much the game itself would appeal to you (no idea how you feel about RTS games), but it has one of the best video game soundtracks I’ve heard, and you get a free copy of it when you buy the game.

    Basically imagine if the soundtracks for Mass Effect and the Ron Moore BSG reboot had a baby. It’s eclectic, but really good, and it’s, like, thirty or forty songs or something ridiculous like that.

    Also the game is on sale for $4 on Steam right now.

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