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World of Warcraft: Monkey business


There’s a story behind this monkey, of course.

So I’m doing a dungeon run in World of Warcraft and this hunter is talking about how he’s new to the game and doesn’t know where to find pets to tame. The expected answer of flinging one’s arms wide and shouting “EVERYWHEEEERE” in your best Gary Oldman voice wasn’t given, but instead the group leader mentioned a few interesting rares around the world, including a monkey with a fez hat.

My ears perked up. Monkeys + clothing accessories always = good times. My hunter had been running with the same ghost wolf pet for the better part of a decade, mostly due to how difficult it was to obtain (which has since been completely trivialized, of course). So I figured her pet stable could use some expanding, and why not track down this odd monkey?

A Wowhead search showed that this was a rare spawn in the Swamp of Sorrows that appeared every three to five hours. I flew my hunter there and set up camp on the spot, leaving the game open while I did other things. I kept checking in and either saw a lot of empty nothingness or other hunters flitting down to see if they could ninja it first. One guy had out like a bazillion (five) pets, maybe to try to confuse me. I responded by bursting into dance, because that’s my response to most types of confrontation.

Anyway, on Friday night I was putting the kids to bed and I came downstairs to see that, wonder of wonder, the monkey was there — as was a Horde hunter running up to him as fast as he could. I jammed on the tame key and beat the literal Troll to the punch. Huzzah! The monkey was mine and I did a victory dance (because that’s my response to victorious moments) while the Troll said some probably disparaging comments about my mother.

So now I have this monkey and I couldn’t be more pleased. We will have grand adventures together in Legion, I am sure.

4 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Monkey business

  1. On my original WoW character, a very clichéd dorf hunter, I still have my very first bear, Arcturus. But my pride and joy is a ghost leopard from Darkshore that only spawns during a specific quest (the quest may not even be there anymore. I named her Grimalkin. Are hunter pets available account wide, like minipets and mounts?

  2. I have the same monkey, I named him Cooper. I didn’t camp there, but did a vast number of flybys over his spawn to pick him.

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