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What I bought in the Steam summer sale


If Aywren says it’s OK to talk about what games you’ve bought in a summer digital sale, then it’s clearly OK for all of us to do so as well.

I honestly wasn’t planning on picking up anything from the Steam summer sale, for two reasons. One, I prefer as my digital platform of choice and get most of my non-MMO games through there if possible. And two, I have more than enough on my gaming plate as it is.

But I did start poking around after spotting one tempting sale and ended up nabbing three games for a little under $25, ones that I knew I would play and wouldn’t mind including for a future Try It Tuesday. So what did I get?

The Long Dark: This has been on my to-buy list for a long time now. I still haven’t really bought into the whole survival sandbox scene, but I dig the visuals and cold north theme of this one. Plus I’ve had friends play it and be quite enthusiastic about their experiences. Should be a trip.

The Stanley Parable: Never played it, it was $2, and everyone who has played it seems to love it for whatever reason.

Armello: Total wild card, impulse purchase buy right here. The graphics caught my eye and I hunkered down to read about this board game/RPG/card game hybrid. Game of Thrones intrigue and anthropomorphic animals? Sure, why not!

7 thoughts on “What I bought in the Steam summer sale

  1. I’ve started running and hiding when the sales come around. Though this time I had to pop in as the newest version of my baseball simulator (out of the park 17) had a nice sale so I finally got it. Nice haul you got there, for a good price.

    I read an article the other day talking about Godus and the implosion of that whole thing and the writer mentioned this game — saying it was shame that it never got the push it deserved. Just figured I’d show it to you. Could be something fun.

  2. It’s absolutely OK to talk about this! 🙂

    I enjoyed what I played of Armello (the art alone is fantastic!), though it’s been a while since I’ve played it, and there’s been a number of updates between now and then. I backed that one on Kickstarter, so I only dabbled with the early access. Need to try it again and blog updated thoughts.

    Gosh, I’m still on the fence about The Long Dark. I may have to just buy it. The price is right.

  3. I promised myself I’d take it easy this year. So I bought five games. Sigh…

    I got:

    Oxenfree: Already finished, great game, highly recommended. Life Is Strange meets The Secret World.

    Kyn: Made it about twenty minutes before uninstalling. Low budget and boring. I’m not trusting Steam user reviews anymore. Landmark is hated, but this game gets uniformly good reviews?

    Space Siege: I liked Dungeon Siege, so hopefully this will be good too.

    Idol Hands: Had an odd hankering for a god game, and it was only $1. Not expecting much, but… $1.

    I Shall Remain: Indie post-apocalyptic RPG. I feel like it’s either going to be amazing or completely awful.

  4. I picked up Child of Light and Steamworld Dig. Both were on my wish list, both were 75% off. I’ll probably play them some time next year.

    Armello is on the list too, but I’m still debating it.

  5. Armello is a fun little title, though I’ve found it hasn’t sucked me in for repeated games. Still, when it takes only ~1 hour to play a game, it fills that niche for a “I feel like something I can finish tonight” game.

  6. Im actually heading for the “Resist the Steam Sale” Achievement… Havent bought a single game so far but i do have to force myself not to have a peek at the sales because i know as soon as i do i will be sold!

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