Preparing for Legion


It’s quite interesting to watch the World of Warcraft community stir from its content drought-induced coma in preparation for something. In this case, two somethings: the pre-expansion patch and the expansion itself. The question that seems to be on the mind of most is: What do I need to do to get ready?

Technically, as long as you have a level 100 warm digital body, the answer is “nothing.” Just show up and stuff’ll happen. But I understand very well the urge to get one’s ducks in a row and do everything that can be done now to make later a more enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s all about making goals for right now, projects to complete.

If one is lacking in ideas, there are plenty of suggestions out there such as Wowhead’s and Bellular Gaming’s:

I would say that I’m a pretty happy place with my two main characters. Both my Hunter and Death Knight have around i700 gear, and I have no urge to push further into the gear envelope before Legion comes and resets everything anyway. I’ve also gotten both of them close to 700 for both engineering and mining, which I’ve been dutifully leveling at the garrison every day.

Other than that, it’s mostly treading water: Making some more money before that goes away, running Cataclysm raids for money, and doing things like the Kazzak fight on a weekly basis for money. When the pre-expansion patch hits, I’ll probably focus more on transmog collecting, but right now I’m pretty chill about that.

Instead, most of my interest has been in leveling up a new character: a Worgen Druid. The thought behind her is that I wanted to have a healer and I’ve always loved healing on Druids. Plus, I don’t have to be a Night Elf, and that’s always a major bonus (can’t hear you, Demon Hunters, la la la).

I started her a week or so ago with the idea that once I got to level 15, I’d park her in Stormwind and just chain-run dungeons from then on out. So far that’s been working pretty well. Having a few heirlooms equipped has given me a running start, and as a healer I’m getting into dungeons within a minute or two if not immediately.

And it’s been fun, too. Heal-over-times are pretty cool to use, all about revving up a healing engine on a target and keeping that going. I do miss my FFXIV fairy pet, but already I have more healing utility at my disposal than I ever did on my scholar. It’s more satisfying, too.

Sure, I’ve had a few bad runs, mostly with teams splintering or the odd jerk rolling need on gear that I could use but he did not need. But the good has outweighed the bad, with lots of gear (I’m keeping all leather drops for transmog), some good conversations and experiences, quick runs, and reasonable advancement. I hit level 50 the other night, which is great, but now I’m only getting a level every other dungeon run. That’s only going to slow down from here, more so after 60 when my heirlooms stop working.

It’s been a grand tour of World of Warcraft’s early dungeon designs. I got the achievement for having done all of the classic dungeons (I just queue for randoms for the extra gear/XP/money), so I guess I’ve seen everything that the current pre-TBC world has to offer.

I’m not racing to get her to 100 or anything for the expansion. If that happens, great, but if not, it’s not as if I can’t play her afterward too. There are a few skills and talents that I am looking forward to attaining, and it wouldn’t hurt to get a garrison for profession advancement, either.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Legion

  1. Dobablo June 30, 2016 / 9:45 am

    Your levelling speed will probably increase once you surpass L60 because there are more dungeons per level, each one with a nice chunk of one-off quest XP.

  2. kiantremayne June 30, 2016 / 2:07 pm

    Your female Worgen druid alt looks very much like my female worgen druid alt. Heirlooms have much to answer for.

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