Star Trek Online: Mind meldin’ with Tuvok


Captain’s log, Stardate July 1, 2016

The U.S.S. Rain Bunny has decided that the Dyson Sphere mission chain was silly and superfluous, and therefore we have jettisoned those in favor of starting in on the Delta Rising content. Considering that we are almost right on top of Star Trek Online’s third expansion, it feels right to at least get into its second one.

Voyager was never my favorite Star Trek series. For one thing, it came about after my interest in Trek had dropped off, so I’ve only seen a few episodes here and there. But I’ve seen enough SF Debris productions to know that it was more of a missed opportunity than a truly great series. So I’m approaching the expansion with more of a blank slate than normal, officially neutral in the whole like/dislike spectrum.


The expansion starts out with a visit to the iconic Voyager. I found it kind of funny that the second you beam aboard, the lady who greets you says that there’s no time for a tour — and then the rest of the mission is basically an extended tour of the ship. I don’t blame the devs for doing this; it’s kind of creative and a change of pace from the normal mission structures. Plus, a lot of work had to have been done in recreating the Voyager for this expansion.

While Delta Rising didn’t get Cap’n Janeway back — Star Trek Online can’t seem to afford any of the top-billing captains — it did secure five of the show’s cast members. That’s impressive, although did we have to bring Neelix back? At least he’s not in this mission.


Neat detail on the bridge: the dedication plaque.


Hey, it’s Tuvok. This means that, out of the three MMOs I’m currently playing, Tim Russ has done voice work in two of them (he was one of the Orochi guys in The Secret World talking about “red shirts”).

We’re trying to track down the evil Doctor Cooper, who is actually a shape-shifting Undine. Cooper’s assaulting Tuvok’s mind from afar, so I have to jump into his noggin to fight this cerebral incursion.


The mindscape is actually pretty well done. In addition to touring around the Voyager, there are several optical illusions and opportunities to blast the show’s crew members, as I’m doing to Harry Kim in the above picture.


There’s nothing really frustrating about this mission, and I like how it concentrates more on telling a story than making it a nonstop battle with the Voyager as a backdrop. Jogging around these corridors must have seemed like coming home to the show’s fans.


Eventually, we track down Cooper in fluidic space, where he’s got this gigantic bio-ship under control. After a fight, we beam aboard and convince the rest of the Undine that Cooper is a gigantic jerk and that they should really team up with the good guys to fight the Iconians. Cooper gets “repurposed” into something else. I like to think as a bidet for the enlisted men’s restroom.

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