Syp’s July gaming goals


It’s July 1st, so time to look at where I’m at with gaming — and where I want to be by the end of the month!

Star Trek Online: It’s expansion launch month, buuuut I’m not quite to the new stuff yet and I’d like to go in order. I’m going to concentrate of wrapping up the Delta Rising through Future Proof content first, then move on. Plus, I want to re-run the featured episodes for the bonus rewards.

World of Warcraft: If I could get my Druid to level 90, unlock the Draenor content, get a garrison going, and start working on tradeskills, that would be lovely. If I could hit 100 by the end of the month, that would be fabulous.

The Secret World: Catching up in all of the unfinished Issue 14/15 missions is still my goal, and I’ll keep chipping away at these.

Shroud of the Avatar: Yeah, it’s that pseudo-launch time at the end of July (release 32), so I guess I’ll be rolling up a character and seeing how the game is doing. No major goals other than to peek in and get a feel for it. If it’s too unfinished or not to my liking, I’ll back off.

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