Quest for Glory II: Shopping spree


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Like the previous game, Quest for Glory II is a bit more open-ended than an adventure game. You don’t have to strictly solve puzzle A to get to puzzle B and so on, but have the freedom to explore a bit more and work on the RPG elements. Part of that involves shopping, since my inventory is… well, I’ll show you:


It’s not terrible but I feel like I’m going to need a lot more for my upcoming adventures. I’m decked out with my thieves’ tools, great, but I only have one waterskin for a desert setting. And that chainmail armor, while probably great in combat, is stacking on the weight. I may have to downgrade.

Not in any particular rush, I stroll around town and hit up the various merchants, looking for hopefully useful gear.


I said USEFUL gear. And how is a five-person family supported by the income of selling woven baskets?


Now this is shopping! This here is the magic shop, which holds promise except for the annoyance of the owner. He loves to make bad puns and jokes — for instance, calling me Noble Caws. Get it? Noble cause? It’s barely a pun.


LOVE this description. Could apply to Michigan, too.

Also, that back corridor is actually a mirror or illusion, since you can walk right into it and smack your face, causing Keapon to laugh at you.


Another Star Trek/Enterprise sighting in the game. You have to remember that 1990 was getting to the high point of the Star Trek revival era. Lots more popular then.

I tell the game to look at the Enterprise…


I kind of want to hit your right now, game. But I want to buy that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man even more. I do pick up a magic rope that can apparently raise itself. That’s going to help out, I can tell. Took a large chunk out of my wallet, though!

I walk around and pick up a few more apparent necessities: a brass lamp, oil, and healing and vigor pills.


I also procure a map and compass. Now I just wish that the game existed in an era of on-screen minimaps! Actually, this map is an absolute godsend, because you can click on any location to instantly travel there, provided that it either already exists on the map or you’ve visited it. No more wandering halls for me (mostly)!

Importing a character has its perks, since I already have some nice gear including weapons and don’t have to spend money to get them here. I did go over my weight limit, so unfortunately I had to part with my lovely chainmail armor. Couldn’t figure out how or to whom to sell it, so I dropped it in the middle of the street with a sigh of regret.

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