Quest for Glory II: Looking for guild


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Flush with gear and suffering from a rapidly depleting wallet, my next stop is to visit the guild hall — Quest for Glory II’s version of the adventurer’s guild from the first game. It’s almost like I step into a different game here, going from Arabia to Africa. I dig the moose with the fez, though.

That lady up there is Uhura, and I can’t decide if this is yet another Star Trek reference or simply a common African name used in this game. Her baby is Simba, which I know is not a Lion King reference (it came out before the movie) but simply because he roars like a lion. I thought it was pretty unusual to see an NPC cradling a baby. Don’t see a lot of small kids or babies in adventure games, RPGs, and MMOs, do we?


As with the first game, there’s a notice board in the guild hall that functions as the quest giver to get you going on various activities. One of them mentions “The Way of the Paladin,” which is in reference to the fourth class that you can graduate into at the end of this game. Not me, however! Thief for life, yo.


Uhura is more than willing to spar with me while letting her child dance in the background while we whirl with spears and daggers. #parenting

Also, I absolutely STINK at fighting in this game. And I miss my chainmail.


That’s more than enough excitement for the first day, so I head back to the inn and enjoy both a free meal and a free bed, courtesy of my status as a hero. Nice to be treated well!

The next morning I arise, eat another fabulous free meal, and am repeatedly informed that Shema is going to be dancing this evening and I totally should go. Sounds like a good time, as cats are well-known for their dancing abilities.


I’m not going to lie: I really, REALLY wanted that duck. I imagine it as a loyal companion, fighting with me to the bitter end. Would probably call him Yoda, just because. Yoda the duck. But alas, I am a spendthrift and need to save what few coins I have left.


While I hate being under time limits in games, I am starting to appreciate how the passage of time in Quest for Glory 2 is portrayed, as different events pop up and people move around. Here, Uhura is enlisting the services of a liontaur to watch her infant. #parentingwin

The way you advance your character’s stats in this game is by repeating activities. Bargain with merchants for communication points, sneak around constantly for stealth points, spar Uhura for fighting points, etc. And thieves can also — I kid you not — pick their nose to increase their lockpicking ability. Of course, there’s always a danger involved:


First death in the game, and this one from nose picking! I feel so accomplished.


Just in case I was feeling good about myself, I took a tightrope walker up on a dare to try to cross this rope and win some money. Let me tell you, it’s downright impossible. You have to take baby steps across, constantly compensating if your character starts leaning one way or the other. Very very hard. I don’t think I made it past a foot before falling, and I tried it about 15 times. Forget that.


Instead, I head out of the gates and talk to Ali Fakir — a loving tribute to Groucho Marx — to negotiate the purchase of a used saurus. Yes, I would like to buy a dino to travel the desert, please. Beats a magic carpet any day of the week!

I bargain Ali down from 50 dinars to 5 for the purchase of a used saurus. This green guy comes out, grabs me, and gives me an enthusiastic tongue kiss. Yuuuuck! But at least now I can go explore the desert in style!


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