New bike! New bike!


After an aborted attempt to purchase a new bike last year, I had gone back to using my 7-year-old Schwinn for my daily rides. It was a good bike, but I could tell that its time had come to say goodbye. The back breaks were shot, one of the tires kept losing air, and rust was starting to set in on some of the frame. So I’d been shopping around, and this past weekend the local bike shop had a sale, leading me to the acquisition of a new bicycle.

I actually did a bit of reading up on bikes and I was surprised that there are so many categories of them these days. I thought that there were, like, three at most, but I guess there are almost 10: road, mountain, hybrid, cruiser/touring, cargo, electric, folding, fixed gear, city, and so on.

I picked up a Cypress DX XS for well over a hundred off the list price, and after taking it for a few spins, I’m incredibly pleased. I don’t think I realized how heavy my old bike was, at least not until I got on this and felt like I was flying.

I had wanted a hybrid for the flat handlebar (so you sit up a little more while pedaling) and the relatively fast/smooth ride.

Two things I particularly like about this model: the rear seat has a spring suspension, leading to a slightly more cushy ride for my butt (it’s all about my butt’s comfort, people), and the larger wheels helps to get more speed for less work. I did lose the rear rack that I had been using for storage, so I might get a small under-the-seat pack to hold my bike lock.

I’m pretty boring in my routes, I confess. I really just have two: my commute to work (if I don’t have kids with me that day and don’t have to transport anything big) and my preferred loop around a local neighborhood that has low traffic and nicely paved streets. However, since the bike is a lot lighter, it wouldn’t be too hard to load it into the van for a special trip to a park one of these days. There’s also a bike path that runs alongside the highway that I’ve wanted to ride. It really just comes down to the time for it.

2 thoughts on “New bike! New bike!

  1. dr4k3rblog July 5, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    Congrats Justin! You stay safe and wear a helmet 🙂

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