The Secret World: DJ Jinn

I returned to The Secret World’s Black Pyramid to finish up the tremors quest chain (at least, I *think* this is the last part). After the hellishly long labyrinth, we’ve come to the prison holding the Unbound — one incredibly ticked-off and super-powerful genie who kind of wants to destroy the world.

What’s standing between it and the place you call home? Just me, my shotgun, and infinite reloads.

So yeah, this is another one of TSW’s infamous solo boss fights. You’d think that an MMO would reserve the really hard boss fights for just dungeons, but nah, not in this game. I went into the fight not really worried, since I assumed I was overgeared for it — and promptly got my butt handed to me in about 22 seconds.

But I started to do what you do in TSW, which is to observe and learn and adapt. The first fight, I didn’t realize that there was a second platform to flee to when the ground started burning. I lasted a bit longer then. The third fight, I had swapped in a healing elite passive to help me regenerate health during this marathon-long fight sequence. The fourth fight, I started to recognize the patterns of the Unbound’s elemental attacks and started surviving much better.

Toward the end I got panicked that I might lose after spending so long getting that far, so I triggered my wings for that extra push across the finish line. Win, Syp!


Following all of that — I just saved your planet, you can thank me now — I repaired the broken prison, leaving the djinn to wallow in solitary confinement for the next thousand years.

As usual, I leave a Secret World quest a little confused as to the full story. So were the cultists triggering the earthquakes to break the prison? If not, who broke that pillar? Was it the Unbound, working from inside? Careless janitor?


One thought on “The Secret World: DJ Jinn

  1. Sylow July 6, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    You’re hot on the track of Roger Wilco… 😀

    On the fight, i found it a pleasant surprise. It’s a bit of a challenge, but not unfair. For somebody who’s regularily in dungeons, only the “use the water attack to extinguish the fire” was a new mechanic, but i think that everything else also is not hard to figure out.

    It requires a bit of observation and a bit of adaption, as you described very well in your posting, then the fight is well manageable. Also, congrats to your success. Based on how you write that, I’m also quite sure you would be a welcome addition to a dungeon group, would you ever intend to join one. 🙂

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