Quest for Glory II: Desert trek


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

I’m positive that I’ve mentioned before how very uninterested I am in deserts as a setting for any game. They’re just bland and don’t inspire me to feelings of adventure and excitement. This is probably why I’m not that big of a fan of the Arabian Nights as a game theme either. Yet it’s not the end of the world that we have both here in Quest for Glory II, because I am compensated with my own pet dino to ride around. Dino mounts make anything bearable.


Turns out that my saurus is a total coward, because the second a giant scorpion shows up, he bucks me off and hightails it out of there. So if I win this fight, does that still mean that I die from exposure?


I get into another fight with a brigand. Because I’ve already sparred with Uhura, my SP is dangerously low. I barely win this fight — there’s only a sliver of HP remaining — but I feel accomplished for having jammed on the “thrust dagger” key over and over again. Plus, I got some money!

Saurus doesn’t come back, however, so I hoof it on foot to the nearest oasis.


Not the most impressive oasis in the world, but it’ll do, pig, it’ll do. Sitting there is a dervish, who speaks in weird proverbs and has his beard wrapped all the way around the nearest palm tree (what). I snip off a piece of his beard — he doesn’t seem to mind — and walk away, whistling.


What I keep forgetting to do in this game is to level up my skills. This sort of happens organically — you do get skill boosts from just adventuring like you would normally. But you don’t get enough points that way, which means you have to make time to skill up by fighting, picking noses, or in this case, endlessly throwing rocks across the desert. I like the goofy face my guy makes when he throws. OOF. OOF. OOF. THROWING ROCKS IS HARD.


Tired and exhausted, I head back to the inn for some dinner and a show. In this case, it’s Shema performing one of her weird twerking/jumping dances. I guess that Shema dancing is a “thing” that the Quest for Glory series does? We’ll see if it happens in the third installment before calling it a trend.

After a night of sleep, the sun dawns on the third day of my stay here in this scorching, air condition-less paradise.


I try to make the moves on Uhura, especially since she’s baby-free that morning, but no dice. Maybe the moose will be up for a kiss then.


Still touring around the city and meeting new locals, I bump into this astrologer. I don’t really know what to make of his house here, especially the “KA-BOOM” poster. Looks like a kid’s room, to be honest.

The astrologer can apparently predict my future, but he’s going to need a day or so to figure things out. Come back later! Okie-dokie.

The weirdness continues as I sell that snippet of beard to the magic shop owner. No… I don’t want to know why he needs it. That’s got to be one very disgusting bit of beard.

As I’m walking through the maze-like city streets, the game informs me that an ominous sound is drawing closer. I tense up, prepare for combat, and…


Silly clown! Honk honk. That optional game setting is already paying for itself.


One thought on “Quest for Glory II: Desert trek

  1. bhagpuss July 9, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Aaaaand…there’s Harpo.

    I’m betting you don’t get Zeppo though, let alone Gummo.

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